JuneYao Airlines Opened up “Sea-Air Transport” in Hong Kong & Macao
ReleaseDate: 2011-05-01

Recently, JuneYao Airlines formally joined “Hong Kong-Macao Sea-Air Transport” service system and acquired operation qualification. By joining hands with Hong Kong Airport SkyPier, and TurboJET, JuneYao Airlines provides “aircraft + fast ship” seamless connection services. From now on, passengers can take fast ship at Macao Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal to arrive at Hong Kong Airport and change to Shanghai-Hong Kong flights of JuneYao Airlines.

JuneYao Airlines “Sea-Air Transport” service makes rational connection between fast ship schedule and Shanghai-Hong Kong flight schedule; one hour before the departure of fast ship service, passengers can go through general departure procedures by registering and confirming continuing flight at Macao Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal “TurboJET—Airport Line” counter, and take “TurboJET” to go to Hong Kong Airport SkyPier.

Passengers who go through luggage and boarding formalities at SkyPier can take free express service to directly reach airport boarding gate, without the need to go through a second-time entry procedures. Furthermore, passengers can also enjoy “luggage through check” featured service for whole-course luggage consignment. Compared with traditional entry route via land route passing Hong Kong downtown area, a series of convenient services of “Sea-Air transport” can save about 2 hours for passengers.

Furthermore, for passengers who take “TurboJET” at Macao Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal to go to Hong Kong Airport SkyPier, and then changes to aircraft within 24 hours, they can also claim 120 HK dollars Hong Kong cash refund for departure tax at SkyPier tax refund counter.

By opening up “Sea-Air transport” in Hong Kong-Macao region, JuneYao Airlines fulfills integrated traveling involving multiple transport means of aircraft, fast ship, and Maglev, further enhanced the differentiated service quality of JuneYao Airlines, and contributed to the promotion of water-land-air passenger transport and tourism development in Hong Kong and Macao regions.