Group Party Committee Convened General Election Mobilization Meeting to Call for “Open Recommendation & Direct Election”
ReleaseDate: 2011-06-01

On the morning of May 12th, amid resounding and impassioned melody of the national anthem, the general election mobilization meeting of JuneYao Group CPC Party Committee was held formally at the Conference Room in the 5th Building of JuneYao Airlines Co., Ltd. Party committee members of JuneYao Group and JuneYao Airlines, 4 branches directly under the Group Party Committee, as well as 15 subordinate party branch secretaries, party committee members, and party member representatives of JuneYao Airlines Party Committee totaling 60 persons attended the meeting. Guo Youhu, Deputy Secretary of the Group Party Committee, presided over the meeting.

Wu Hongwei, Director of the Human Resources Office under CPC Shanghai Committee for Social Work, first read aloud HSGW (2011) No. 24 document “Reply on Approving General Election of CPC JuneYao Group Committee” and related personnel appointments.

Chen Li, Secretary of JuneYao Group CPC Party Committee, delivered a mobilization report for Party Committee’s general election: “This time’s party committee general election follows the principle of ‘Open recommendation and direct election’, which marks a significant step forward in reflecting democracy inside the party. All party members and employees in the Group must show active participation, and elect our preferred party committee team members.” He pointed out that it is imperative to adhere to effective implementation of “pioneering initiative and striving for excellence”, in order to ensure a healthy, orderly and successful general election.

At the meeting, Wang Xijun, Deputy Secretary of CPC Shanghai Committee for Social Work, offered congratulation to the opening of the mobilization meeting. He pointed out that the general election work must strictly enforce election procedures, fully listen to opinions from all sides, and ensure “100% participation by party members, and 100% knowledge by the public”. The elected new party committee team must fully bring out the positive role of grassroots party organizations in “promoting development, serving the public, gathering cohesion, and enhancing harmony”.