Commercial Mansion Group Awarded “National May First Labor Award”
ReleaseDate: 2011-06-01

Recently, Jiangsu Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group Co., Ltd was awarded the highest honor of China’s working class——“National May First Labor Award”. This precious honor was awarded to all staff members of Wuxi Commercial Mansion; each employee wore a big red flower on the chest, which gave them incomparable sense of pride and glory. It has been learned that Wuxi Commercial Mansion is the only enterprise to receive such honor in Wuxi this year.

The selection of “National May First Labor Award” was an event initiated by All-China Federation of Trade Unions, all nominations will be recommended by labor unions from all regions and industries to submit to their superiors, and subject to stringent review by industry and commerce, taxation, disciplinary inspection, auditing, and security departments, then published on news media for public supervision, and the final decision is then made to determine who will receive such honor.

One of the selection criteria of the “National May First Labor Award” was that “the winner must be an outstanding representative of advanced productivity, capable of reflecting the direction of social development.” In this aspect, Wuxi Commercial Mansion has been standing steadily at the forefront of the local service industry’s development; after a series of significant strategic adjustment, restructuring and enhancement measures, Wuxi Commercial Mansion successfully transformed itself from traditional general merchandise store to boutique department store to develop into a large enterprise group integrating general merchandise, automobile, and food businesses. After entering the “Twelfth Five Year Plan” stage, guided by the vision of “large production, large market, large sales”, the Commercial Mansion Group is actively carrying out brand-new operation to fulfill its target.

The Commercial Mansion Group implemented “human-oriented” incentive mechanism inside the enterprise, regarded employees as its greatest asset, and developed “harmony between man and nature” corporate culture. The granting of “National May First Labor Award” this time marks full acknowledgement of the healthy corporate culture of the Commercial Mansion Group.