JuneYao Airlines Awarded CCAR-121-R4 Supplementary Accreditation
ReleaseDate: 2011-08-01

On June 30th, the ceremony to award Operation Standard for CCAR-121-R4 Supplementary Operation Qualification Accreditation to JuneYao Airlines by Eastern China Regional Administration of CAAC was held in Shanghai. President of JuneYao Airlines Zhao Hongliang formally received Operation Standard for R4 Supplementary Accreditation from the hands of Tang Weibin, Deputy Director of Eastern China Regional Administration of CAAC, signaling that JuneYao Airlines has successfully completed R4 Supplementary Accreditation.

At the Certificate Awarding Ceremony, Deputy Director Tang Weibin gave full affirmation to a series of effective measures taken by JuneYao Airlines in implementing and enforcing CCAR-121-R4 regulations, meanwhile he expressed the wish that JuneYao Airlines could regard this time’s certificate issuance as a new starting point, fully update management concept, enhance management standard, promote continual safe and scientific growth of the company, and build up top class private-owned airline company brand with more outstanding safety performance.

Zhao Hongliang, President of JuneYao Airlines, said the awarding of R4 Supplementary Accreditation to JuneYao Airlines holds significant meaning in terms of fundamental function and instructional function to guide future safe operation and continual healthy development of the company. JuneYao Airlines will continue to strengthen the buildup of safety management system, adhere to the guideline of “safety first, prevention foremost, comprehensive governance”, continually emphasize the effectiveness of the handbook in execution, continually reinforce safety inspection, continually enhance safe operation ability and management ability, create more stable environment for safety operation, improve learning ability, management ability and execution ability of the staff team, and make unremitting efforts toward the target of fully improving the company’s overall safe operation standard.

Additional report At 14: 28p.m., July 15th, JuneYao Airlines formally received its 21st brand new Airbus aircraft. The new aircraft has been launched into operation, adding new strength to the company’s operation for ensuring carrying capacity during summer vacation period and serving the civil aviation industry.

Furthermore, on July 6th JuneYao Airlines formally opened a nonstop return flight service from Shanghai to Tongliao, this is the fifth direct flight route from Shanghai to Inner Mongolia opened up by JuneYao Airlines following Hohhot, Baotou, Hailar (restored on June 24th), Manchuria (maiden flight on July 5th), and also the only nonstop flight from Shanghai to Tongliao in China today.