JuneYao Group Awarded “Top 10 Most Innovative Zhejiang Merchants” Title
ReleaseDate: 2011-08-01

On July 10th, Zhejiang Merchant (Summer) Forum 2011, an event hosted by Zhejiang Provincial Merchant Research Society, and jointly organized by Market Herald, Oriental Morning Post, the Chamber of Commerce directly under Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, unveiled its curtain, some classical innovation cases in Zhejiang merchant model received commendation during the Forum, JuneYao Group was awarded “Top 10 Most Innovative Zhejiang Merchants in 2011” title conferred by the organizing committee of the Forum.

Wang Junhao, President of JuneYao Group, attended the Forum, and put forward his view on the topic of “How to re-create Zhejiang Merchant economy”: Continual innovation.

“The innovation of an enterprise occurs at any time, it is all the more important for the leader of an enterprise to come up with an endless supply of innovations.” Wang Junhao said, the process of JuneYao Group joining the aviation industry is exactly a process of continual innovation, from the experience of returning hometown for family reunion during the Spring Festival period, to chartering an aircraft, then to chartering flight route, followed by buying stock of airline company, and finally setting up one’s own airline company, one step followed another, it can be argued that it is innovation that gives birth to JuneYao Airlines.