JuneYao Group Ranked Top Ten in Top 100 Shanghai Private-owned Enterprises
ReleaseDate: 2011-09-01

On August 18, the name list of “Top 100 Shanghai Private-owned Enterprises in 2011” was released, JuneYao Group again joined the top ten to rank 8th, and ranked 5th in top 50 Shanghai private-owned enterprises in the service industry. This time’s “ranking list” was jointly organized by Shanghai Enterprise Confederation / Shanghai Enterprise Directors Association, and Shanghai Chamber of Commerce. Before the meeting, Yang Xiaodu, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Director of the United Front Work Department, and other officials interviewed entrepreneur representatives in the VIP room.

During the interview, Yang Xiaodu expressed appreciation toward the diligent work by private-owned entrepreneurs, congratulated enterprises listed in top 100 Shanghai private-owned enterprises in 2011, and hoped entrepreneurs of private-owned enterprises to continue to make new contributions to Shanghai’s economic construction and social development.

With 11.7 billion yuan of operating revenue, up by 21.11% on YoY basis; and 890 million yuan of tax, up by 93.87% on YoY basis, which surpassed the average level of enterprises on the ranking list, JuneYao Group ranked the 8th in the “Top 100 Private-owned Enterprises in Shanghai in 2011”, and 5th in the “Top 50 Shanghai Private-owned Enterprises in the Service Industry”.

It has been learned that the operation efficiency of this time’s top 50 service industry enterprises is obviously superior to that of manufacture enterprises. The per capital revenue of the top 50 service enterprises is 102,000 yuan, the per capita total tax payment is 90,000 yuan, and the profit growth rate is 80.3%, obviously higher than those of the top 50 manufacture enterprises.