The First Party Committee Session of JuneYao Group’s Second CPC Party Committee Convened
ReleaseDate: 2011-09-01

On August 9, the First Party Committee Session of JuneYao Group’s Second CPC Party Committee was convened at the C32 Clubhouse in Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza. The Session was hosted by the Group’s Party Secretary Chen Li; Deputy Party Secretary Guo Youhu and Gu Zengguang, as well as Party Committee members in Shanghai including Wang Zhaowei, Jia Zhenxiu, Wu Dawei, Zhang Jian’gang, Yin Qian attended the Session.

The Session focused on discussing methods and ways to promote scientific party buildup in private-owned enterprises; it called for the adoption of clear-cut enforcement criteria and quantification standards in the aspects of work positioning, method, target, obligation, procedure, system, and assessment, which must be fully implemented in future work. The Session also clarified the division of labor for each member of the Party Committee.

The Session put forward further requirements for work tasks in the second half of the year, specifically speaking, it demanded earnest implementation of study-oriented organization construction, each branch must innovate on the form of study, strengthen ideological and political education work for party members and youth employees. The Session clarified the point that the Group’s CPC Party Committee will organize a learning salon each quarter; it requested party members above Group President Assistant level, and party members above Second Class Deputy rank in JuneYao Airlines to join the study. The Party branch must develop study mechanism, and shall hold one party branch committee members’ meeting each month, and convene one general meeting of branch party members each quarter, which are mainly intended to convey and study the decisions and instructions from the superior party organizations; draft implementation plan and measures for own unit; discuss and enroll new party members, approve of probationary party members to become full members; hold discussion and make decision on other issues.