JuneYao Ranking 158th among Top 500 Enterprises in China’s Service Industry
ReleaseDate: 2011-10-01

Recently, the ranking list of top 500 enterprises in China’s service industry in 2011 was released, JuneYao Group ranked 158th on the list. This marks the seven consecutive time that China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association published the ranking list.

With a business income of 11.7 billion yuan, up by 21.11% on YoY basis; and tax payment of 8.90 million yuan, up by 93.87% on YoY basis, JuneYao Group ranked No. 158 on the list.

Compared with the top 500 enterprises in China’s service industry in 2010, the top 500 enterprises in China’s service industry for 2011 showed significant growth in terms of entry threshold, business income, and asset indicators, in particular the growth in net profit recorded the largest increase in recent years, the growth rate of average net profit far outstripped that of the average business income and average asset, both the performance and efficiency standard of the top 500 in the service industry displayed significant improvement. Furthermore, there is considerable slow-down trend among the 500 enterprises in terms of either widening differences in scale and benefit, or increasing concentration of industry distribution; overall speaking, big enterprises in China’s service industry showed healthy development trend.