Mutual Visit of CEC Directors Came to JuneYao Feng Guoqin Interviewed Private-enterprise Entrepreneurs from Different Regions
ReleaseDate: 2011-10-01

On September 25, the 19th director mutual visit activity of China Entrepreneur Club under the theme of “Breakthrough & Innovation” was held at C32 Clubhouse in Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza. Before the activity, Feng Guoqin, Chairman of the Municipal CPPCC Committee of Shanghai, interviewed 20 plus famous domestic private entrepreneurs including Liu Chuanzhi, Liu Donghua, Niu Gensheng, Zhou Chengjian, Huang Nubo, Jiang Xipei, Wang Zhongjun, Wang Junjin, and Wang Junhao.

Feng Guoqin said private-owned enterprises is a dynamic component in national economy; in recent years, the percentage of Shanghai’s non public ownership economy in the whole city’s GDP continued to rise, private-owned enterprises have made positive contributions to taxation and employment. It is hoped that entrepreneurs could offer advices and suggestions to the development of Shanghai’s private-owned enterprises, share wisdom gained in enterprise growth, further consolidate confidence, improve ability in independent innovation, promote sustainable development of private-owned enterprises, and make new contributions to steady and relatively fast economic development.

Jointly hosted by JuneYao Group and China Entrepreneur Club, this time’s activity marked the 19th stop of director mutual visit organized by China Entrepreneur Club.