JuneYao Airlines Kicked off Winter-Spring Season-change Plan
ReleaseDate: 2011-11-01

With the coming of the golden autumn month of October, the annual winter-spring season will also arrive. JuneYao Airlines announced to execute new flight schedule since October 30, and adjusted the arrival/departure time and airports of some flights, and increased the capacity on some flight routes.

Adjustment of flights

In the new season, JuneYao Airlines Pudong–Yichang flight time will be adjusted; Hongqiao to Baotou flight will be adjusted to having departure/arrival at Pudong Airport, its departure/arrival time will also be adjusted accordingly. HO1247/8 Pudong–Chongqing–Pudong flight will also be adjusted to Pudong–Chongqing–Hongqiao.

Furthermore, JuneYao Airlines will continue to increase capacity on the boutique flight route Shanghai–Sanya route, this service will be increased to 6 flights each day in the new season, starting from 8:30 in the morning, every one hour there will be a flight taking off from Hongqiao or Pudong to leave for Sanya, so as to provide sufficient capacity to safeguard passengers’ travel.

Meanwhile, JuneYao Airlines will also specially increase the frequency of flights based on Hongqiao Airport, and increase the availability of hot flight routes such as Hongqiao–Nanning service to 2 flights each day, so as to bring convenience to official, business, and business leisure passengers traveling in winter and spring seasons.

Restoration of Hongqiao–Haikou flight route

JuneYao Airlines will restore Hongqiao–Haikou flight route in the winter-spring season under flight code HO1271/2. This flight route changes the existing situation of only one flight service from Shanghai to Haikou each day, thus offering more choices to passengers who plan to travel from Shanghai Hongqiao to Hainan Island for business consultation, tour and holiday purpose. It has been learned that during the early stage of the flight restoration, JuneYao Airlines will continue to offer up to 70% discount for flight ticket purchase.

“Free Maglev ticket for flight ticket purchase” event reopened

The “Free Maglev ticket for flight ticket purchase” event independently operated by JuneYao Airlines will open again in the golden autumn season to provide passengers with fast and comfortable one-stop air and land travel services. The event will be held from October 13 till December 31, during the period of which buyers of discount flight tickets designated by JuneYao Airlines will be able to receive ticket voucher for Maglev train service between Pudong Airport to Longyang Road Station when handling check-in or buying the flight ticket.

Furthermore, “Multiple Trips at Reduced Price”, a super value combined product of JuneYao Airlines, will also be freshly launched, passengers buying tickets of JuneYao Airlines’ designated class in two leg (and above) flight distance will be able to claim 5% discount of full price in economy class, ordering ticket on JuneYao’s official website can also enjoy further 3% discount.