Grand Orient Haimen Store Opened in Grandeur
ReleaseDate: 2011-11-01

On October 1, the Grand Orient Haimen Store formally opened, as its opening coincided with the National Day holiday period, the newly opened Haimen Store attracted a large crowd of consumers, this fashion center integrating boutique general merchandises, trendy electrical appliances, modern cinema, recreation and catering, fitness and entertainment added fashion elements to the busiest commercial street in Haimen City.

Located in the city center of Haimen City where two vertical and two horizontal urban arterial roads converge, the Grand Orient Haimen Store boasts an imposing facade, its two 19 m elevation dome layout makes it the first commercial building in the city to have double indoor sunshine domes. Inside the store, greening is distributed throughout, constant temperature air conditioning system is in operation under all weather conditions, 16 elevators run simultaneously, wireless web access covers double sunshine atrium, the human-oriented shopping environment bring pleasant experience to consumers.

Haimen Store has a total business area of up to 36618 sqm, in which the business area allocated to boutique general merchandises accounts for over 60% of the total area, with up to 114 domestic and overseas famous brands entering Haimen City for the first time as a result of the opening of the new Grand Orient store this time, offering local residents a brand-new life experience.

Furthermore, two key stores become the bright spots of the Grand Orient Haimen Store: One is “Orient Electrical Appliance” Haimen Store, which has a business area of up to 3808 sqm, and assembles trendy electrical appliances from all major famous brands; the other is the Haimen Chain Store of Grand Orient Cinema, its 7 standard digital movie theaters can accommodate 700 viewers, advanced digital projection equipment and comfortable private space bring new experience in visual and audio fashion to Haimen consumers.