Wang Junjin Awarded “Enterprise Innovation Prize” by World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention
ReleaseDate: 2011-11-01

In the morning of October 25, the first World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention opened at the People’s Great Hall of Zhejiang Province, over 1500 Zhejiang merchants gathered together to seek development and plan for the future.

At the commendation ceremony for advanced Zhejiang merchants, Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group, was awarded Enterprise Innovation Prize.

Under he theme of “Going global with entrepreneurship and innovation spirit, making concerted efforts to develop Zhejiang”,  this time’s World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention aims at taking full advantage of the precious resources of domestic and overseas Zhejiang merchants by using the World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention and its standing organization as the carrier, in order to better promote “Zhejiang Economy” and “Zhejiang People’s Economy” to achieve domestic and overseas interaction, and two-way opening up, and further drive forward pioneering development, transformation-oriented development, harmonious development and sustainable development in Zhejiang.