JuneYao Group Convened 2011 Democratic Life Meeting for Party Member Officers
ReleaseDate: 2011-12-01

On the afternoon of November 17, JuneYao Group Party Committee ceremoniously convened 2011 Group’s Democratic Life Meeting for Party Member Officers at the Director’s Hall on the 32nd Floor of Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza. Members of the Group’s Party Committee including Chen Li, Gu Zengguang, Jia Zhenxiu, Wang Zhaowei, Wu Dawei, Yin Qian attended the meeting. Chen Ming, Inspector of Shanghai Social Work Party Committee, and other officials attended the Meeting. Wang Junhao, President of JuneYao Group, attended the meeting as a specially invited owner representative.

At the Meeting, all members of the Party Committee conducted criticism and self criticism by making reference to each one’s work. Secretary of Party Committee Chen Li offered comment on each delegate’s speech, and put forward 5 requirements on the issue of how to implement the “Strengthening grassroots party organization building” work as requested by the Organization Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Shanghai Municipal Social Work Committee: Firstly, the Party Committee’s work must strengthen investigation and study, change working style, key heads of the Party Committee must visit at least one branch each month, the branch secretary must talk with at least 3 party members each month; secondly, achieve electronic informatization for party building work as soon as possible, ensure informatization management group to cover each branch and every party member; thirdly, be efficient in summarizing and discovering advanced cases in branch life, actively praise party affair workers with outstanding achievements in organizing effective activities; fourthly, improve echelon building for party affair officers, implement classified file management for branch secretaries in terms of tenure duration, ensure proper recommendation, transfer and cross appointment for outstanding party affair workers and enterprise management officers; fifthly, strengthen training for branch secretaries, apart from training on knowledge for party affair work, the training must also cover knowledge training conducive to career planning and development for branch secretaries.

In his speech, Wang Junhao said he hoped party members to effectively play a leading role in the process of building “Century Old Shop”, help the enterprise establish the corporate culture of “having soul, core, competitiveness”, join hands with the HR Department, build the enterprise into study-oriented organization, in order to achieve “win-win” for both the enterprise and individuals.

Chen Ming, Inspector of the Municipal Social Work Committee, put forward expectation on JuneYao Group’s party committee work; he pointed out that in the next year, the Party Committee must enforce rectification, establish model, and enhance corporate culture construction to a new level, in order to foster cohesion, and drive forward healthy development of the enterprise.

At the meeting, each member of the Party Committee signed their names on the “Letter of Commitment of JuneYao Group Party Member Officers for Diligence, Efficiency, Integrity, Self Discipline”, through which they solemnly declare to “consolidate ideal and belief, work efficiently and competently, ensure integrity and self-discipline, study to improve personal attainment, honestly practice core values, be a person without vulgar interest, become a person useful for the society”.