New Oriental Auto City Unveiled in Wuxi
ReleaseDate: 2011-12-28

Recently, New Oriental Auto City, the largest auto city in Wuxi, held a grand inauguration ceremony, in which the first batch of 16 4S shops opened doors to the public. This marks the latest move of “Oriental New Era” auto, a subordinate of the Grand Orient Co., Ltd, to grab the future auto market, signaling that Wuxi’s auto distribution service industry has taken a concrete step to move toward modern high-end service sector.

Officials from Wuxi Municipal Government, officials from China Automobile Dealers Association and executives of auto brand manufacturers attended the inauguration ceremony, senior executives of “Grand Orient” including Pan Xiaoyan, Xi Guoliang, and Zhang Shengming hosted the grand welcome evening dinner party.

The inauguration ceremony of the New Oriental Auto City is arguably the largest summit for “auto industry insiders” in the East China region. To celebrate the occasion, this ceremony specially constructed a 300 meter long large outdoor catwalk to accommodate a 60-minute long auto show to be held here. Furthermore, the ceremony also arranged brand carnival of 16 showrooms. Tengger, the ‘Top Singer of the Grassland’ and state first-class singer, and the Wolf Band were invite to hold a recital named “Singing in the Orient” for the inauguration ceremony, which attracted 4000 plus car fans.

The New Oriental Auto City, which is located in Wuxi “China Industry Exposition Park”, has a total planned land area of 40 hectares, total land area of 600 mu, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, capable of housing 34 standard 4S shops.

It has been learned that the planned functions of the New Oriental Auto City have surpassed the singular model of traditional auto city to focus on cluster operation by 4S shops, at present it has developed a three dimensional operation pattern consisting of eight functional divisions of 4S shop cluster, auto-related articles, car beautification, new type second car market, car claim center, professional test track, and auto theme park, including a huge range of modern service concepts and facilities covering car financing, car fan club, professional test track, which highlight the forward-looking vision of the New Oriental Auto City to stay in line with international auto service standards.