Wang Junjin: System Means Incentive Sharing
ReleaseDate: 2011-12-28

The 2011 (the 10th) China Entrepreneur Summit, an event hosted by China Entrepreneur magazine and co-hosted by China Entrepreneur Club, was held in Beijing on December 10. More than 150 entrepreneurs and scholars gathered at the meeting to conduct discussion and communication over the topic “2012: System Innovation and Market Dignity” from different perspectives. Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin attended the meeting upon invitation, and expressed his views in the “Management Evolution: System and Human Nature” interactive forum.

Wang Junjin indicated that properly utilizing the system and the human nature can actually promote enterprise development. He said an enterprise has established inflexible system, but with the system in place, the enterprise still needs to consider implementing human oriented incentive mechanism based on employees’ different individuality, take into account their growth plan at each career stage, and promote enterprise management through human-oriented system and fair treatment.

Wang Junjin argued that employees and enterprise share a contract relation, but at the same time human care is a key element of humanity. “Opportunity for promotion, career life, training, welfare, sharing plan, incentive system and so on are all evidences of human care; if an enterprise can satisfactorily handle these issues, it will have no problem in its ability for sustainable development, this is because everyone thinks they are the master on such a platform, and each has his or her space for development.” Wang Junjin said that to make a team willing to move ahead together with the enterprise, and make one feel constantly driven to associate oneself with the enterprise’s vision and values, a good system is very important, and such system involves incentive sharing.