JuneYao Group Annual News Propaganda Work Conference Held in Shanghai
ReleaseDate: 2011-12-28

On December 16, the 2011 JuneYao Group News Propaganda Work Conference was held ceremoniously at the C32 Clubhouse of Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza. More than 40 JuneYao News correspondents from Shanghai, Wuxi, Wuhan, Yichang, and Wenzhou attended the Conference. Group President Wang Junhao and Chen Li, Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee, attended the Conference and delivered speeches.

Company executives at all levels attended the Conference to award honorary prizes to outstanding teams and individuals in the news propaganda field. It has been learned that a total of 16 correspondents and 2 correspondent teams were awarded commendation at this time’s commendation ceremony, Liu Jun from the Business Department of JuneYao Airlines was awarded First Prize in Outstanding Individual Commendation. JuneYao Airlines Correspondent Team and World Foreign Language Primary School Correspondent Team respectively won annual outstanding correspondent team prize.

At the Conference, Wang Junhao pointed out that JuneYao Group’s news propaganda must revolve around “globalization” and “modern service industry”, and deeply probe, refine and explore related topics. It is necessary to grasp the pulse of the time, and organize topic discussion catering to enterprise development by centering on China’s development trend and the “Twelfth Five Year” Plan.

Speaking of building corporate culture, Wang Junhao emphasized to create happy working atmosphere for the staff, and promote the construction of “home” culture. “We must capture the happy moments of the employees, and influence more people through the communication and reporting of JuneYao News.”

In his speech, Chen Li, Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee, pointed out that in 2012 the Group’s news and propaganda work must become more refined, further progress must be made in the aspect of socialization, it is required to establish common ideological belief by centering on “globalized modern service industry”, build a joint corporate culture platform, in order to communicate the company’s values with employees and the society from elevated and forward-looking perspective.

Regarding the issue of how to build up corporate culture platform, Chen Li put forward three requirements to correspondents: Firstly, actively take part in key events of the company, record and communicate the event details; secondly, organize more refined and elaborate activities which promote cultural exchange such as staff cultural life, JuneYao Reading Club, so as to inject concrete and perceptual contents into corporate culture; thirdly, continue to promote cross-department cooperation for correspondent team, and extend such practice to cross-company and cross-discipline cooperation, kick off social cooperation to absorb other’s experience.

This Conference also invited a number of senior industry insiders, including Lu Ning, Chief Commentator of Oriental Morning Post, Shen Jiqing, Former Director of Yangtze River Delta News Center of Xinmin Evening News, Qian Wei, Editor-in-chief of Wenzhou Natives in Shanghai under the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, Yu Benqing, Editor-in-Chief of Fosun People under Fosun Group, and Shi Qiangsheng, Director of Shanghai Private Economy Academy, to join the discussion on “Sustainable Development of Internal Journal”, offer suggestions for the innovation and development of JuneYao News, and put forward strategies to promote JuneYao Group’s news propaganda work.