Ten “Outstanding Builders of Century Old Shop” Awarded Gold Medals
ReleaseDate: 2012-01-28

At the Group’s Annual Meeting held on January 14, the second “JuneYao Group Century Old Shop Outstanding Builder” name list was ceremoniously announced; 10 Century Old Shop “Outstanding Builder” and 10 “Outstanding Builder” nomination prize receivers received commendation. Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group, and President Wang Junhao, Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Li together awarded honorary certificate and 100 gram pure gold medals to the award receivers.

The “Outstanding Builders” receiving commendation this time are all senior employees who have worked for JuneYao Group for more than 5 years, they come from different business sectors, many of them are frontline employees working diligently at grassroots level.

Wang Juunjin said that every “Outstanding Builder” is a key cornerstone of JuneYao Group’s “Century old Shop”, by commending those outstanding employees who loyally dedicate themselves to their own jobs, we hope to mobilize more people to become builders of our “Century Old Shop”. He also said that this commendation mechanism would continue, so that there would be more “Outstanding Builder” stars shining like beacons in every business sector and at every job post in the future.