Practice “Home” Culture, Promote All-around Growth
ReleaseDate: 2012-01-28

On January 14, JuneYao Group Annual Work Conference was held ceremoniously at the C32 Clubhouse in Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza. Group Chairman Wang Junjin, Group President Wang Junhao, Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee and Group Vice President Chen Li, Group Vice President Xu Biao, Group Vice President You Yongshi, Vice Chairman of JuneYao Airlines Dong Lijia, President of JuneYao Airlines Zhao Hongliang, Managing Vice Chairman of World Foreign Language Primary School Wang Xiaoping, Managing Vice Chairman of World Foreign Language Middle School Luo Peiming attended the Conference. Executives of all subsidiaries above senior manager level as well as some key supervisors from the Group’s business units totaling over 100 persons attended the Conference.

In 2011, JuneYao Group made innovation amid adjustment and development, and grew up in business transformation and exploration; it adhered to the business orientation of modern service industry, rationalized industry structure, expanded and strengthened main businesses, increased revenue and saved expenditures, continually improved its core competitiveness, and made steady progress, throughout the whole year it realized 14 billion yuan in operating revenue, up by 18.6% on Y-o-Y basis, its overall strength reached a new height.

According to results revealed by relevant reports, JuneYao Airlines fulfilled its targets in safe operation and profit earning for 5 consecutive years since its inception; in 2011 it recorded 4 billion yuan in sales income, up by 37% on Y-o-Y basis; its average PLF (Passenger Load Factor) was 87%, its flight incident rate/10k hours and flight incident rate/10k flights are both 0. Throughout the whole year, it added 5 new A320 aircrafts to its fleet, which expanded its fleet size to 24 aircrafts, with flight routes spreading to over 40 major cities in China and in overseas countries (regions). In 2011, it completed reform of joint stock system, and has entered pre-listing tutoring stage.

Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group made new progress in terms of business scale, service quality, and economic benefit. In 2011, it realized 8.2 billion yuan in sales income, contributed 424 million yuan as taxation revenue, and earned 333 million yuan in profit. The New Orient Auto City opened to the public, which further consolidated its “bellwether” position in the local market. The Grand Orient Department Store Haimen Branch formally opened on the National Day, signifying the landing of its chain department store strategy. The Orient Electrical Appliances, supermarkets, “Sanfengqiao” food and chain catering businesses under the “Grand Orient” brand all showed gratifying growth momentum.

In 2011, a number of real estate projects in Yichang, Wuhan, Shanxi, and Shanghai clarified their market positioning, and finished early stage work. JuneYao Creativity Co., Ltd participated in the “International Horticultural Expo” project, and developed a variety of merchandises. New dairy product “Werdery” received positive feedback after marketing, and is expected to become a new growth point, the dairy business is beginning its transformation toward food industry. Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza and Wenzhou JuneYao Hotel both fulfilled business targets, Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza recorded a historical high 96% occupancy rate. Yichang JuneYao Jinjiang International Hotel was formally granted five-star status.

The World Foreign Languages Primary School and Middle School under JuneYao Group implemented course reform in 2011 by introducing scientific American courses, and formulated systematic and complete PYP curriculum, which enabled it to develop core competitiveness for sustainable development and become a pioneer in domestic education sector to make beneficial exploration in adopting international education model.

At the meeting, Wang Junjin put forward the Group’s basic work approach of in 2012, which is based on the “Twelfth Five Year” Plan, and aims to make steady progress, develop through innovation, continually improve operation and management standard, strive to increase whole year operating revenue by around 20% on Y-o-Y basis, with profit after tax no less than 1 billion yuan, and simultaneously improve staff income while achieving enterprise development.

Wang Junjin also put forward requirements for each business unit. He pointed out that, JuneYao Airlines must strive for public listing in 2012, meanwhile it must improve the Company’s management standard in all aspects, and improve profit-earning ability; he said “JuneYao Airlines must become a top-class airline company in the industry”. Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group must strengthen self construction, improve internal management, diligently operate the “Grand Orient” brand, and properly manage its chain department store, auto operation, food marketing, and Orient Electrical Appliances businesses, so as to develop into a grand commercial marketing pattern with “One Axle & Four Rings”. The real estate business, diary business, Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza, Yichang JuneYao International Plaza, Wenzhou JuneYao Hotel must continue to tap potentials, mobilize internal motivation, and strive to make steady progress.

Wang Junjin expounded on the development plan for the Group’s education undertakings, and put forward to set up two centers: English Center and R&D Center, integrate superior Chinese and Western education resources through “introduction, digestion, absorption, and innovation”, continue to reform and innovate courses of World Foreign Language Primary School and Middle School; by targeting at building “Century Old Famous School”, it is expected to rely on their own advantages and integrate the most advanced education resources to radiate to the domestic education market, in order to serve the society in a broader way.

Finally, Wang Junjin pointed out that to continue the construction of enterprise “Home” Culture, it is necessary to ensure correct understanding and execution from six aspects: Master Culture which needs dedication to profession, sense of responsibility, and love of the enterprise; Performance Culture which requires striving for excellence and shouldering of responsibility; Echelon Culture which requires personal example and verbal instructions, care and assistance; Credibility Culture which requires moral integrity and trustworthy deed; Team Culture which requires continual innovation and effective execution; Harmony Culture which requires human care, cohesion and wisdom. Wang Junjin said that the core of JuneYao “Home” Culture is to enable every JuneYao employee to become a member of the “Home”, and a master of the “Home”, and also a builder and beneficiary of the “Century Old Shop”.