Wang Junhao Attended Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum 2012
ReleaseDate: 2012-02-28

From February 4 to February 6, the 12th annual meeting of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum in 2012 was held in Yabuli, Heilongjiang Province. Wang Junhao, the founding director of the Forum and President of JuneYao Group, was invited to attend the meeting and held discussion with over 400 entrepreneurs on the topic of “The Power of Market: Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Deng Xiaoping’s ‘Southern Tour’”, and contributed sparks of thinking for the meeting.

“Believe in the Power of Market” has become the common voice of Chinese entrepreneurs; the Yabuli Annual Meeting this year adopted the theme of “The Power of Market”, aiming to the guide the whole society to rekindle the confidence toward the market, and believe in the power of market.

In the sub-group discussion of “Analyzing the financing dilemma for SMEs”, some entrepreneurs mentioned “What has happened to Wenzhou”, Wang Junhao said that financing problem for SME has long been a big standing problem for the nation, the central government should adopt differentiated treatment toward small enterprises (entrepreneurs) in private-owned enterprises, SMEs, and larger private-owned enterprises in terms of policy based on their different needs, “In policy formulation there must be a tiered mechanism, so as to give different support to enterprises with different sizes.” Meanwhile, he suggested that relevant government departments should appropriately change the calculation method for regulation when drafting the aggregate loan quota requirements for the banking system, so as to ensure small-sized diversified non-public economic forms to have a dedicated “water tap” for drinking water.

Thereafter, in the grouped discussion entitled “Has the industry sector entered a ‘Hollow Stage?’”, Wang Junhao introduced JuneYao Group’s exploration experience in the past years when it transformed gradually from manufacture industry to modern service industry. He argued that on the one hand, enterprises should voluntarily seek transformation, and earn money from high value stages on both ends of the Smile Curve; on the other hand, the state government should provide macro guidance in policy introduction, it should prevent both the weakening of national economic foundation due to hollowness in the industry resulting from lack of profit, and also guard against systematic risks brought by blind transfer of production-oriented funds to unfamiliar investment fields by enterprises.

Furthermore, Wang Junhao also was invited to attended a closed-door informal meeting held by Liu Mingkang, member of the CPC Central Committee, former Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission, and Honorary Chairman of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum, and Chen Derong, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province and Party Secretary of Wenzhou City, and participated in the discussion on national and regional hot spot issues.