JuneYao Airlines successfully completed Spring Festival Tasks
ReleaseDate: 2012-02-28

The 40-day long 2012 Spring Festival travel season has ended; during this period, JuneYao Airlines carried a total of 560,000 person times of passengers, and flied about 4300 flights.

According to statistics, the Spring Festival passenger flow this year was mainly concentrated in the three cities in Northeastern China, namely Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, and also hotspot tourism destination cities in South China such as Hong Kong, Sanya, and Xiamen; on the other hand, Shenzhen, Xi’an, and Dalian also experienced heavy flow of passengers returning to hometowns. At the beginning of the Spring Festival transportation period, JuneYao Airlines introduced 2 Airbus aircrafts to guarantee its carrying capacity, increased flight frequency on a number of flight routes with heavy passenger flows, and adopted various measures to ensure better service for passengers.

Adhering to the guidelines of “Human oriented, safety first, passenger foremost, fast and convenient service”, JuneYao Airlines specially set up a Spring Festival Travel Season Work Leadership Team led by company executives, in order to ensure smooth execution of all tasks, and successfully completed this year’s Spring Festival transportation guarantee task.

It has been learned that during the Spring Festival travel season the Apron Operation Section of the Ground Service Department ensured nearly one thousand flights of aircrafts parked at faraway bays, apron vehicles including ferry buses, common buses and VIP buses made over 3000 trips to provide services. The Cabin Department actively guaranteed Festival flights, focused on service quality, and successfully escorted about 500 unaccompanied children, seniors, and wheelchair passengers during the period.

While safeguarding normal operation of Spring Festival transportation flights, the company’s frontline departments also witnessed a large number of good deeds. Staff in the Cabin Department helped locate passenger’s lost articles; staff in the Business Department voluntarily communicated with passengers and helped passengers arrive at their destinations smoothly and punctually; the Ground Service Department specially set up a Help Counter and Late Arrival Assembly Counter, which offered fast check-in service for passengers; the Cargo Shipping Department allocated extra on-duty personnel, and set up emergency plans to cope with contingency.