“Grand Orient” Grand Prize-awarding Ceremony Showed off the Beauty of Corporate Culture
ReleaseDate: 2012-03-28

Recently, “Grand Orient” ceremoniously convened “2011 Glorious Orient Annual Prize-awarding Ceremony”, more than 1000 employees gathered at Wuxi Great Hall of the People to share the joy of commendation, and presented the cohesion beauty of corporate culture.

The “Let’s join hands to march toward the good vision of century-old enterprise” crimson banner hung high inside the auditorium interpreted the purport of this ceremony. Sun Hong, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Wuxi Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Mi Junchu, Deputy Director of Wuxi Commerce Bureau, and Zhang Guohua, Chairman of Wuxi Cong’an District Federation of Trade Unions and other officials attended the activity.

Pan Xiaoyan, Chairman of “Grand Orient”, attended the meeting and delivered speech; during the speech she bowed many times to the audience to express deep and heartfelt appreciation for all social circles and enterprise staff.

The prize-awarding ceremony commended 10 4-star grade employees, 36 outstanding staff representatives, 9 dedication teams, 5 innovation teams and 7 efficiency teams. The prize-receiving representatives talked about their splendidly heart-felt thoughts, which moved and inspired the attending audience. The outstanding deeds of advanced individuals and teams were edited into short video clips and broadcast at the grand ceremony onsite.

Employees of the “Grand Orient” jointly performed on the stage. The security team marched in goose step to present an impressive “Good Start” dance; young employees from the Operation Center and “Yi Koo Ton” youth injected youthful vitality into the “Korean Dance”; the “Strolling in the New Town” performed by “Sanfengqiao” staff praised Wuxi flavor and dumplings; members of the Commercial Mansion Trade Union staged an enthusiastic “Love Our China” dance.

This “2011 Glorious Orient Annual Prize-awarding Ceremony” which presented the bright spots of “Grand Orient” corporate culture received extensive attention from all walks of life, provincial and municipal level media all successively published related reports.