Delegate Wang Junjin’s suggestions in the “Two Sessions”: Change concepts, intensify efforts to promote SME development
ReleaseDate: 2012-03-28

“Under the new situation, the state government should timely draft relevant policies to relax restriction on those engaged in industries, and give them real benefits, this is the key to promoting SME development in the current age.” Such is the opinion put forward by Wang Junjin, member of the National Committee of CPPCC and Chairman of JuneYao Group, during the first ten days of March when attending the national “Two Sessions”. One of his proposals this year is entitled “Suggestions on Changing Concepts and Intensifying Efforts to Push Forward Reform”.

Wang Junjin argued that the continual growth of Chinese economy must rely on industries, and the large number of private-owned enterprises constitutes an important part of such entities. Today, although the private-owned economy has grown in size, there is a lack of long term sustainment for continual development. The state government should objectively offer favorable policies to private-owned enterprises, which includes further opening up related sectors, and reducing taxes on private-owned enterprises etc..

He compared JuneYao Airlines to a miniature enterprise in the industry: “We are the late comer in the civil aviation industry, we don’t have any historical resources, therefore we hope the government could give us some preferential policies, and more support. As a private-owned enterprise, we can also contribute our own efforts to in aspects such as promoting industry development, setting up mechanism, and promoting transformation of large enterprises etc.. I always consider that the CAAC has kept one step ahead in promoting and supporting the development of private-owned economy in the industry. Good policies are like oxygen delivered to minor enterprises. It is widely known that the flight schedule of the Beijing Capital Airport is very tight, but recently JuneYao Airlines opened its Beijing to Shanghai flight route with the support from all related parties.”

Wang Junjin argued that only by shattering monopoly would it become possible to improve the mechanism of market economy. What market economy reflects is fair competition. He hoped the government could increase policy support to promote fair competition among various kinds of ownership economies, and supervise execution in all regions, in order to create a macro environment of fair competition.

Wang Junjin suggested that for each policy issued, the government must attach it with detailed implementation rules, in order to reduce or avoid excessive discretionary power in the execution process by related departments, which might result in distortion of the policy, therefore, how to implement the unveiled policies is very important.

Meanwhile, in another proposal “Suggestion on Improving the Management of Social Security Housing”, Wang Junjin suggested to further clarify and elaborate the admission and exit criteria for social security housing; strictly enforce supervision system with annual review; strictly enforce cycling usage mechanism of low-rent housing; prevent artificial creation of “wealthy zone” and “slum zone”; and incorporate a certain part of vacant or leased house resources into the management system.

In the “Suggestions on Deepening Reform in Education System, Improving University Graduates’ Job-seeking Ability”, Wang Junjin proposed suggestions on the quality education under the current Chinese education system, he proposed to take effective and corresponding measures; as far as education itself is concerned, it is necessary to safeguard and promote education through reform and innovation of education system and balancing education investment, so as to deepen reform in education and cultivation system from two aspects. He pointed out to further establish education system to cultivate talents catering to social needs; further balance education resources, in order to provide guarantee to fully promote the cultivation of high caliber talents.

More than 40 national and regional media Including Xinhua News Agency,, China Business Times,, China Enterprise News, Jiefang Daily, First Financial Daily, Southern Weekend, Labor Daily, Oriental Morning Post,,, and Oriental News Station etc., respectively published video and graphic & text reports of Wang Junjin’s activities in participating in the administration and discussion of state affairs.