Secretary Chen Li led a delegation to visit the party committee of Jiangsu Hodo Group to communicate and study party building work
ReleaseDate: 2012-04-28

On April 27, led by Secretary of Party Committee Chen Li, an 11-person delegation of JuneYao Group’s party committee for party building work demonstration spot of Shanghai’s first batch of non-public-owned enterprises, paid a special visit to the party committee of Hodo Group’s, a party building demonstration spot of Jiangsu non-public-owned enterprises, to study and communicate party building work. Party committee members of the two demonstration spots held in-depth discussion on party building work of non-public-owned enterprises in the new era.

Walking into Hodo Industrial Park, strolling inside the Hodo Exhibition Hall and frontline workshops, one could easily see slogans reflecting Hodo’s “One Core Plus Three Advantages” party building features, namely regarding enterprise party committee as political core, transforming the party’s political advantage into enterprise’s advantage for development opportunity, talent advantage and advantage for harmonious development, and the corporate core values of “Credibility, Innovation, Dedication, Excellence” everywhere, the entire industrial park is immersed in a sea of red color.

According to Deputy Party Secretary of Hodo Group Gu Jianqing and Executive President of Hodo University Qian Wenhua, Hodo Group has explored a development road for private-owned enterprises with Chinese characteristics after years of development practice, namely “Modern Corporate System + Enterprise Party Building + Social Responsibility”, gradually developed “Hodo Party Building Work Approach” characterized by “Integration, Cultivation, and Guidance”, and summarized the development experience of “Create red character, build green enterprise, construct happy Hodo”. Through “Six measures” to resolve the “Two skins” difficulty in party building and enterprise development, strive to fulfill the transformation from “tangible coverage” to “effective coverage”. Through the eight aspects of party building method, party building quality system accreditation, direct election by public, extending branch to frontline workplace, coordinated joint construction, unification of measuring standards, innovative talent mechanism, and setting up party building digital platform, it aims to highlight innovation bright spots in Hodo’s party building, in order to fully bring out the battle fortress function of party organizations in private-owned enterprises.

Secretary Chen Li expressed enlightenment from Hodo Group’s party building work on behalf of JuneYao Group’s Party Committee, he said: “Hodo Group’s party building standard is very high, it employs market-oriented and commercialized approaches to promote enterprise party building work, which enjoys double advantages. The whole Donggang Town (Hodo Park site) is brimming with Hodo atmosphere.” Thereafter, members of party committees from both sides carried out in-depth exchange and discussion on enterprise production, talent cultivation, staff care, and satisfaction degree survey issues.

Before visiting Hodo Group for study and exchange, this time’s party committee delegation also visited the party committee of Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group for survey and study, Deputy Party Committee Secretary of the Commercial Mansion Group Ni Jun received the delegation and introduced work experience in party building.