JuneYao Party Committee convened commendation meeting and mobilization meeting
ReleaseDate: 2012-04-28

On April 20, JuneYao Group’s Party Committee convened “Mobilization Meeting for Striving for Excellence to Further Enhance Branch’s Fighting Strength and Commendation Meeting for Outstanding Branch Secretaries”. The meeting commended 9 outstanding and model branch secretaries who have made contributions in driving forward enterprise development, promoting enterprise harmony, safeguarding staff rights and interests, and enhancing party building standard in 2011.

Secretary-general of Shanghai Social Affairs Committee Wu Hongwei, Group Chairman Wang Junjin, and Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee Chen Li attended the meeting and delivered speech. The meeting was presided over by Ji Guangping, member of the Group’s CPC Party Committee and the Party Committee Secretary of JuneYao Airlines.

In his keynote report, Chen Li pointed out that 2012 is a year for branch construction, all party members must work in an exemplary manner under branch organization. Document No. 24 of the Social Affairs Committee requested to ensure effective execution, improve oneself in work, practice self value, devote oneself to work with strong sense of mission, and finish work tasks in an exemplary way. He also pointed out that branch secretaries must combine innovation ability and execution ability with a sense of mission, properly use the tools of “Execution Manual for Party Workers”, “Branch Selection Criteria”, “Progress Schedule for Branch Construction Year”, enhance staff cohesion to satisfactorily finish the work of their own branches, and display self value in striving for excellence.

Wang Junjin pointed out that, enterprise party organizations and party member teams must demonstrate realistic functions, they must join enterprise’s governance structure to assume key post and play key role. Outstanding party members and leaders must become pillars and backbones for enterprise development. He emphasized that party members must earnestly deepen “One service, three satisfactions” concept, improve organization efficiency through clear and quantified target management, make superior organizations feel satisfied, make enterprise owner feel satisfied, and make party members feel satisfied, so as to truly play a leading role in striving for excellence. In the aspect of appointment mechanism for party member officers, he put forward the principle of “giving priority to comrades with political reliability and awareness of overall situation under the same condition”, and demanded to develop a high caliber party organization echelon.

Wu Hongwei fully acknowledged the efforts made by the Group in the striving for excellence activity. He pointed out the necessity to continue to push forward the grassroots organization building year activity in a planned, organized and progressive manner; further study and implement the spirit of the National Party Construction Working Conference for Non-public-owned Enterprises, and make more exploration in the mechanism to reflect political core and political guidance; it is necessary to improve the quality of organization life, promote the system setup, standardization, and scientific approach of party branch construction, in order to highlight the effectiveness of party building work.

It has been learned that the meeting distributed “Execution Manual for Party Workers”, “Branch Selection Criteria”, and “Progress Schedule for Branch Construction Year”, which effectively reflects the systematic, standardized and refined working approach in party work.