Vice Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions Inspected Trade Union Work in JuneYao Group
ReleaseDate: 2012-06-07

Recently, a symposium titled “Face-to-face, Heart-to-heart, Down-to-earth, Serving Grassroots Staff” was held at Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza. Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin attended the symposium, and exchanged views on enterprise development status, staff team condition, and trade union work.

Vice Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions Mao Ronghua, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Social Work Party Committee Yuan Jianguo and other officials attended the symposium to listen to the conditions in all enterprises. Enterprises including Yongda Group, Mingkai Group, JuneYao Group, Sanmao Group, and Dazhong Transportation Group respectively provided info and communicated experience on topics of enterprise status quo and trade union work.

Wang Junjin indicated his wish that the trade union work of non-public-ownership enterprises could receive more support and guidance from superior departments, and he expressed the willingness to have more chances in communicating with peer enterprises.

Map Ronghua said that the trade union authority would strive to speed up the introduction of relevant laws and policies, so as to better help non-public-ownership enterprises to resolve real difficulties, and promote trade union work in non-public-ownership enterprises. He hoped that non-public-ownership enterprises in the social system could play exemplary role, adhere to good experience and practices, fully mobilize the initiative of staff members, and improve employee income and welfare benefits within their ability, continually strengthen the construction of labor relation coordination mechanism such as workers’ congress and collective consultation, standardize operation and management procedures, establish smooth channel for internal communication, and gather employees’ wisdom and strength, in order to help enterprises achieve healthy and sustainable development.