JuneYao Airlines CPC Party Committee Selects “Party Member Safety Demonstration Post”
ReleaseDate: 2012-06-07

On May 16, JuneYao Airlines CPC Party Committee convened a promotion meeting for “Party Member Safety Demonstration Post” selection activity, and awarded “Party Member Safety Demonstration Post” plaque and badge to 33 outstanding party members selected through democratic election.

These 33 party members being awarded “Party Member Safety Demonstration Post” will receive stringent supervision, assessment and evaluation from the Company’s CPC Party Committee. The company will also further select “Party Member Safety Model Post” from these 33 party members, in order to improve party member’s pioneering and model role to bring out lasting effect and effectiveness, and truly reflect the role of “one party branch as one fortress, one party member as one banner”.

Meanwhile, JuneYao Airlines “Outstanding CPC Party Member 2010—2011” selection activity also formally kicked off on May 16. The activity implemented relevant requests from superior CPC party committee on “Strengthening party branch, bringing out function, promoting scientific development of the Company”, encouraged party members to play pioneering and model role, in order to enable party members to truly become the leader, promoter and advocator of the company’s “Ensuring Safety, Establishing Brand, Promoting Development” initiative .

The selection activity includes three stages of application submission, survey and evaluation, and discussion by Party Committee, on the basis of which party members will be assessed and selected according to the requirements of “Strong safety awareness, good political judgment, and strong working competences”. In July, the “July First” Commemoration Meeting will announce the selected “Outstanding Party Members 2010—2011” and “Party Member Safety Model Post”.