JuneYao Group for the first time distributed 1.5 billion yuan of short term financing bond
ReleaseDate: 2012-07-05

In the evening of June 26, JuneYao Group held a simple thank-you cocktail party at the clubhouse on Level 32 to celebrate the Group’s first-time distribution of 1.5 billion yuan short-term financing bond.

It has been learned that Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin and Director of Finance Jiang Hailong have collected a registration certificate for short-term financing bond of a total sum of RMB 1.5 billion yuan issued by the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMI) at Beijing NAFMI on May 28, this time’s short-term financing bond has a valid registration period of two years, it marked the first attempt by JuneYao Group at financing in the institutional capital market, which are underwritten by China Merchants Bank and Agricultural Bank of China respectively.

In the address at the thank-you cocktail party in the evening of June 26, Rong Yihua, Section Chief of the Bond Section of the Financial Market Management Department, People’s Bank of China Shanghai Head Office, said the successful distribution of JuneYao Group “Short term financing bond” indicated high level of acknowledgement among market investors toward JuneYao Group, meanwhile it is also evidence of the vigorous support from the inter-bank bond market to serve real economy especially private economy sector, he hoped JuneYao Group could better utilize bond market, take advantage the market’s resources, optimize debt ratio structure, and lower operation cost.

Lian Bailin, Governor Assistant of China Merchants Bank Headquarters and President of Shanghai Branch, arrived at the cocktail party to express congratulation; he said the successful distribution of JuneYao Group “Short term financing bond” holds extraordinary meaning, it signaled a policy orientation of how the people’s bank as a central bank would support private economy. He looked forward to more cooperation opportunities in the future with JuneYao Group.

Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin said that against the current economic background, the distribution of JuneYao Group “Short term financing bond” is an evidence of banks’ vigorous support to the real economy, “Short term financing bond” is similar to a small IPO, the distribution of “Short term financing bond” this time plays a more important role to lay down foundation for the future distribution of “medium term note”. For JuneYao Group to build a century-old enterprise, and become a sustainably developing enterprise, the core issue is the control of debt risks, there must be adequate cash flow, the debt structure must be more rational. With the support of this “Short term financing bond” platform, in the future a broader platform will be opened on the capital market for JuneYao Group.

Acting as the host, President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao said the successful distribution of the “Short term financing bond” this time laid down a solid foundation for the Group to build a century old enterprise in globalized modern service industry with satisfied customers, employees, shareholders, and society.

Senior executives of JuneYao Group and executives from JuneYao Airlines’ Financial Department attended the thank-you cocktail party held in the evening of June 26.