JuneYao Group Ceremoniously Held A Commendation Meeting for Outstanding CPC Members
ReleaseDate: 2012-07-05

On the afternoon of June 29, JuneYao Group ceremoniously held a “Commendation Meeting for Outstanding Party Members of the Group to Commemorate the 91st Anniversary of the Founding of CPC”. Representative of the Group’s senior executives, delegates from democratic parties, as well as CPC member representatives from all business units and party activists totaling over 120 persons attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Gu Zengguang, Deputy Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee.

Zhao Hongliang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of JuneYao Airlines, and Wang Zhaowei, member of the Group’s Party Committee and Vice President of the JuneYao Aviation Investment Company, attended the meeting and respectively announced JuneYao Airlines “Notice on Commending CPC Member Safe Model Posts in 2012” and JuneYao Group’s “Decision on Outstanding CPC Members 2011-2012”.

At the meeting, JuneYao Group Party Committee awarded JuneYao Group “Outstanding CPC Member 2011-2012” title to 15 CPC members who have made contributions in the “Striving for Excellence” activity including Shan Lan and others. Meanwhile, JuneYao Airlines Party Committee commended 10 party member safe model posts and 12 outstanding CPC members.

Ji Guangping, Member of the Group’s Party Committee, Secretary of JuneYao Airlines’ Party Committee and Executive Vice President of the Group, delivered a speech entitled “Party Members Must Voluntarily Become Trailblazers to Pioneer JuneYao’s Advanced Culture”.

In his speech, Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee Chen Li put forward three features of the Group’s party building work, namely mainstream quality, grassroots quality and intrinsic growth, and pointed out the necessity to grasp the three aspects of “value orientation”, “system construction” and “macro party building pattern”. He pointed out the Group’s next step in its party building work must focus on three aspects: Firstly, further improve study ability and awareness standard, earnestly study the No. 11 Decree issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, in order to genuinely ensure coverage of both organization and work, go after high efficiency to “ensure each drop of water falling into its place”, properly handle branch construction; secondly, further strengthen work assessment of the branches, implement post allowance for branch secretaries, ensure there are assessment, guarantee, and incentive; thirdly, it is necessary to utilize modern information technology to further improve the quality of the branch’s organization activities, adhere to the combination between guidance contents and optional contents, bring innovation into activities, and ensure effectiveness.

In his speech Group Chairman Wang Junjin pointed out, the fact that Party Committee held a party member commendation meeting immediately before the advent of the “July 1st”, the CPC Founding Day, truly reflected the attitude and action of our private-owned enterprise to keep in line with the CPC Party in common thinking, common mindset, common orientation, and common goals. He said: “Most outstanding representatives of our posts are often a group of party members or activists close to party members, as a result this time’s commendation also reflected the pioneering spirit of a large proportion of our grassroots employees and party members, and reflected master awareness.”

Cui Minghua, Secretary of the Municipal Social Work Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He said: “Under the leadership of the Board of Directors and the party organization, JuneYao Group has made vigorous exploration, obtained steady growth, and acquired remarkable performance. Wherein, the Group’s party building work has made irreplaceable contributions to our enterprise development.” He hoped JuneYao Group’s Party Committee Party Committee to actively bring out political leadership and political core function, do a better job of the party building work in private-owned enterprises, promote enterprise to acquire better and faster growth, and present a gift to the Party’s “the 18th National Congress of the CPC” with outstanding performance.