“Innovation” of JuneYao Airlines Brings “Satisfactory Flight Experience”
ReleaseDate: 2012-08-08

On July 3 JuneYao Airlines’ 26th brand-new Airbus A320 aircraft arrived in Shanghai to expand its carrying capacity for the newly added Hulunbuir, Manchuria, and Heihe flight routes for this summer. Furthermore, on Hohhot, Qingdao, Xi’an flight routes, JuneYao Airlines also increased flight frequency in order to ensure punctual travel experience for passengers.

While meeting passengers’ travel needs, JuneYao Airlines also introduced “Instant upgrading”, “Super value first class” service items to provide mid to high-end official travel, business travel and business leisure passengers with more meticulous and attentive mid-air services. After boarding the aircraft, passengers can request class upgrading when they feel the economy class section is too crowded, if there are free seats available in the first class section, the cabin crew will arrange “Instant upgrading” for passengers, passengers only needs to pay cash to cover the shortfall in the price difference for the flight route. It has been learned that the minimum shortfall amount on some flight routes is only 200 yuan.

Furthermore, JuneYao Airlines constantly updated its menu for first class passengers; dinner, breakfast, and disserts always include new dishes. In the near future it will introduce a variety of dishes including sea food soup noodle, abalone in oyster sauce, fried beef rib, lover’s dumpling, Nanxiang Shaomai, so as to enable passengers to enjoy the flight with an excellent mood.