Officials of Wuxi Municipal Government Headed by Zhu Kejiang and Gong Peixing Inspected “Grand Orient”
ReleaseDate: 2012-08-08

Recently, the “Grand Orient Department Store” and its subordinate hundred-year old brand “Sanfengqiao” welcomed inspection tour of Wuxi Mayor Zhu Kejiang and Chairman of the Municipal CPPCC Committee Gong Peixing.

After visiting Sanfeng Restaurant and Sanfengqiao Meat Shop, Zhu Kejiang put forward new development requirements for the hundred-year old brand: “Old brands must face the market, and bring forward brand advantages, explore new models for brand operation and joint operation, in order to develop new market competitiveness.”

In its survey on “Expanding domestic demand, promoting consumption” at a number of shopping malls in downtown Wuxi, the delegation led by Gong Peixing acknowledged the operation model adopted by “Grand Orient Department Store” to provide different operation modes catering to different consumer groups. After inspecting the Pinshang International Zone and 8F VIP Center in Tower A of the shopping mall , he remarked appreciatively: “Both setting and image here are first-class.”

Gong Peixing pointed out: The “Grand Orient Department Store” is a local group company in Wuxi, driven by the tide of Reform and Opening up, it has grown to its current status, in the upcoming process of urban transformation and economic transformation, it must shoulder important missions, assume more tasks, and strive to acquire better growth than other enterprises.