JuneYao Party Committee stepped onto apron to visit JuneYao Airlines employees
ReleaseDate: 2012-09-05

On the morning of August 2, anther scorching sun rose on the horizon after a heavy downfall to herald another day of hot and humid weather. Led by Chen Li, Secretary of the Group’s CPC Party Committee, and members of the Group’s Party Committee Gu Zengguang and Jia Zhengxiu, the Group’s Party Committee delegation carried heat stroke prevention articles to Hongqiao Airport to visit JuneYao Airlines’ frontline employees.

At the gate of JuneYao Airlines, a team of “Midair Guardians” were drilling in the sun, sweat drops keeping falling from the face. Chen Li personally handed over towels, menthol oil and drinks, and showed concern for their physical conditions. During the communication, they learned that among these young guardians, many of them belong to “the generation born in the 1990s” who had just started their first job. Chen Li instructed Yang Jun, General Manager of the Security Department: “Make sure to properly adopt summer heat stroke prevention measures, and pay attention to the health of staff members.”

Exposed to the fiery sunshine, the apron is one of the harshest workplaces in the hot summer; consequently employees in the Repair Department working on the apron are always the staff group cared most by company executives. The delegation led by Chen Li immediately went to the apron after entering the airport, delegates shook hands with employees to thank them for their hardworking work; they also repeatedly advised staff members to pay equal attention to both work and heat stroke prevention on the hot apron.

At the terminal, staff members of the Business Ground Service Department greeted every passenger with a smile. On that day, they also received consolation from Chen Li’s delegation, and received summer heat stroke prevention articles prepared for them by the Group’s CPC Party Committee. Employees of the Ground Service Department thanked them profusely: “Thank the company executives for showing care for us frontline workers.”

It has been learned that after visiting JuneYao Airlines’ frontline employees, the Group’s CPC Party Committee also visited the Company’s administrative center Zhangdong Neighborhood Committee and Zhangjiabang Neighborhood Committee to deliver summer consolation articles to staff members and the seniors.