Adhere to business transformation, strengthen main businesses, and continue to enhance competitiveness
ReleaseDate: 2012-09-05

On August 3, JuneYao Group convened the First Half Year Operation Analysis Meeting at its Shanghai Headquarter; Group Chairman Wang Junjin summarized the company’s operation conditions in the first half of the year, and proposed work highlights for the second half. He emphasized that we must clarify the Group’s general growth trends, strengthen main business, adhere to business transformation, optimize the company’s business structure, improve performance assessment system, ameliorate team construction, and bring into play master spirit, strive to fulfill the Group’s operation target in the “Twelfth Five Year Plan”.

Presided over by Group President Wang Junhao, the Meeting was attended by chief persons of the Group’s functional departments and business units totaling over 40 persons.

At the meeting, Wang Junjin analyzed the Group’s main businesses in the first half of the year. He pointed out that among the Group’s main businesses, the sales of the aviation business remained steady, it’s not difficult to fulfill its whole year sales target. Although the profit has dropped to certain degree compared with the same period in the last year, it is mainly caused by the impact of fuel cost and foreign exchange rate, therefore the overall operation of the aviation business is still stable. Another of its main business Wuxi Commercial Mansion will have some specifically targeted projects to follow up in the second half of the year, its overall sales deserves positive anticipation. Wang Junjin requested everyone to clearly recognize the current macro environment, the growth of Chinese economy depends on “consumption”; consumption is the main force to drive forward future Chinese economy, which also coincides with the existing government’s development strategy to implement active transformation of economic structure, namely the transformation from investment-driven to consumption-driven development. Wang Junjin analyzed and pointed out that against such macro-environment, the Group’s overall performance in the first half of the year is satisfactory, yet we still have room for improvement.

Afterwards, Wang Junjin clarified the work highlights in the next step, firstly, optimize business structure, focus on the Group’s key development directions, properly handle main businesses, adhere to transformation, disband or merge companies with poor performance, sort out company structure, and further optimize personnel allocation.

Secondly, Wang Junjin put forward detailed requirements for cultivating more outstanding builders of century-old enterprise: “Adhere to the selection criteria of ‘having both ability and integrity’. To put it simply, integrity refers to the love of one’s career, loyalty to profession, and care for colleagues; ability refers to the ability to solve problems through creative approach. It is imperative to vigorously promote officers with both ability and integrity to key posts, including backup echelon officers. Everyone must develop both ability and integrity, and those who lack either one must be adjusted or optimized; only in this way can we develop a highly competent work team.” He demanded every officer to compare themselves against the target of “having both ability and integrity”, quickly improve ability in real work, make progress in the company’s rapid development, and make contribution to the “century-old enterprise”.

Wang Junjin emphasized that, JuneYao Group is an enterprise dedicated to modern service industry; its production and operation must focus on quality, give priority to safety, ensure operation safety, earnestly handle each step, eliminate hidden hazards of improper management; management must be effectively controlled, safety must become a bottom line not to be crossed, and is should make sure products can meet the latest requirements even if there is little profit margin. During the “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period, JuneYao Group must first properly operate aviation business, and also the retailing business. Everyone must mobilize all their efforts to further strengthen core competitiveness, improve competition advantage, and make further improvements and optimization, in order to lay down solid foundation for further growth in the “Thirteenth Five Year Plan” period.

Finally, Wang Junjin said, “I also want to emphasize that we JuneYao employees must firmly remember how to steadily develop our enterprises, and create a globalized century-old enterprise in the modern service industry to satisfy customers, employees, shareholders, and the society; everyone should make comparison and think about how to improve oneself; think about if we are prepared if one day in the future our turnover reaches 100 billion. We must obtain work motivation from historical truths and modernization info at any time, this means lifelong study, so everyone must try hard.”