Wang Junjin: JuneYao hopes to make further contributions to Yichang’s construction
ReleaseDate: 2012-11-07

On August 29, Chairman of the Group Wang Junjin was interviewed by Huang Chuping, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Yichang Municipal Committee.

During the interview, Wang Junjin introduced the new dairy base scheduled to start trial production in October to Huang Chuping. He said the new plant house was constructed according to modern plant standards, which would ensure higher quality for milk production, the estimated average daily milk output of the 12 production lines would top 200 tonnes. Wang Junjin hopes that, after further increase in production capacity, the new plant house would provide more jobs for Yichang in the future, and supply better products to consumers.

Speaking of investment in Yichang construction, Wang Junjin said that the decade long “Three Gorges Tie” made JuneYao Group constantly cherish enthusiasm for Yichang construction, which sustained its enthusiasm from investment and construction of dairy production base to the 5-star Hotel of Yichang JuneYao International Plaza. At present, JuneYao Group is also actively participating in the old town renovation project in Yichang, hoping to make further contributions to Yichang’s urban construction.

Huang Chuping said as a sub-center city in Hubei Province, Yichang plays a key role in radiating to surrounding areas, in recent years Yichang’s economic and social development have made significant progress, and it promised tremendous growth potential in the future. JuneYao Group is a famous private-owned enterprise with substantial strength, it plays an important role in promoting Yichang’s urban development ad economic construction, he hopes that in this time’s old town renovation project, JuneYao Group could provide a project plan up to international standard and with global vision, for which Yichang government will offer vigorous support.

Li Lecheng, Deputy Secretary of CPC Yichang Municipal Committee and Yichang Mayor, You Yongshi, Vice President of JuneYao Group, attended the interview.