Culture leading the way in innovative transformation
ReleaseDate: 2012-12-07

On November 15, the 2012 JueYao Group Media Propaganda Meeting & Annual Outstanding Correspondent Commendation Ceremony was held ceremoniously at the C32 Clubhouse of Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza. Nearly 50 JuneYao News correspondents from Shanghai, Wuxi, Wuhan and Yichang attended the Meeting. Chen Li, Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President of JuneYao Group, attended the Meeting and delivered speech.

Chen Li pointed out that the annual media propaganda meeting is a time of annual gathering for correspondents of enterprise internal journal, it is also offers grand occasion to carry forward JuneYao’s corporate culture. He hoped the correspondents to not only regard it as an annual meeting to summarize media work, but also consolidate their belief to continue to run JuneYao News, and spread the “Century-old Enterprise” corporate culture and values to plant them firmly in the mind of employees.

At the 2012 Outstanding Correspondent Commendation Ceremony, 10 correspondents including Liu Jun, Li Na, Guo Jinzhu were awarded outstanding individual commendation, the Party-Mass Section of JuneYao Airlines’ Administration Department was awarded Outstanding Collective title commendation. Nearly 20 senior executives of JuneYao Group and its subordinate JuneYao Airlines and World Foreign Language School attended the commendation ceremony, and awarded prizes to outstanding correspondents.

In the afternoon, the “Culture leading the way in innovation transformation” Theme Forum, an event jointly organized by JuneYao Group and Shanghai Journalists' Association Enterprise Journal Work Committee, was held concurrently. This marks the first time that Shanghai Journalists' Association joined hands with an enterprise to hold activity. This Forum aimed to deeply explore the road of corporate culture construction in a transformation period, and establish new positioning for the development of internal journals in the new era.

Yang Xigao, Managing Deputy Director of the Enterprise Newspaper Work Committee of Shanghai Journalists' Association, Executive Editor-in-chief of “Post Economics”, and Chen Li, Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President of JuneYao Group, attended the Forum and delivered keynote speeches.

Yang Xigao delivered a speech on the topic of “How should internal journal expand influence”. He pointed out that, to successfully run an enterprise, three types of people are indispensable: Administrator, reader and publisher. Administrator is the executive of an enterprise, and must attach importance to the journal publication, and offer unswerving support, show care for the development of internal journal. The publisher is the enterprise correspondent, who must dedicate oneself to the job and develop multiple abilities, go to grassroots frontline, discover stories behind the news, and write thought-provoking reports.

In his speech entitled “How should culture assemble employee strength”, Chen Li pointed out that culture must be perceived and experienced by employees, culture must assemble employee strength, and it is necessary to visualize the target and mission of Century-old Enterprise, display the prospects of bright future in front of employees, and create better life.

Bei Ying, Managing Deputy Secretary-general of Shanghai Journalists' Association, and Director of Enterprise Journal Work Committee, Liang Wei, Director of the Economics Department of Baosteel Group Trade Union and former Editor-in-chief of Baosteel Daily, Zhong Hui, Deputy Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of China Eastern Airlines Media Co., Ltd and former Editor-in-chief of China Eastern Airlines, Yu Benqing, Editor-in-chief of Fosun Group’s Fosuners, attended the Forum, and held discussion on the subject of “Corporate Culture Construction and Internal Journal Development in the New Era”.

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Illustration: (From right) Zhong Hui, Liang Wei, Yang Xigao, Bei Ying, and Yu Benqing attended “Culture leading the way in innovation transformation” Forum.