JuneYao Airlines Was Awarded “Outstanding Unit for Corporate Culture Construction in National Transportation Sector” Title
ReleaseDate: 2013-01-11

Recently, the Seventh National Transportation Sector Corporate Culture Construction Summit Meeting was held in Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province; the meeting commended outstanding units and outstanding individuals for corporate culture construction in the national transportation sector in 2012. JuneYao Airlines distinguished itself from nearly 1000 enterprises in the national transportation sector, and was awarded “Outstanding Unit for Corporate Culture Construction in National Transportation Sector in 2012” title.

In the process of carrying out corporate culture construction, JuneYao Airlines adheres to the operation concept of “safe, punctual, and attentive service”, actively explores and innovates the road of corporate culture construction, by taking into account actual reality in production and operation, it has carried out various corporate culture theme activity, and gradually developed private aviation corporate culture construction pattern with JuneYao special features, for which it earned acknowledgement from the appraising units and experts.

JuneYao Airlines indicated that the awarding of this honor further consolidated the foundation for its construction of corporate culture system, the company will take advantage of this opportunity to continually improve corporate culture construction work, in order to provide reliable safeguard for JuneYao Airlines to acquire continual, steady, and sustainable development.

Additionally, at the First General Meeting of the Ninth Session of Shanghai Enterprise & Public Institution Security Association held on December 9, due to its superior performance in internal security, public security and fire fighting works, JuneYao Airlines was awarded “Security Safety Qualification Unit” by Shanghai Public Security Bureau Security Administration Corps. Meanwhile, the Security Department of JuneYao Airlines was awarded “Shanghai Public Security Model Unit” honorable title.

Photo: In 2012 JuneYao Airlines carried out in-depth corporate culture construction, and mobilized employees to go all out to guarantee safety, establish brand reputation, and promote passion for development; it built “Cultural Corridor” in the new office building to actively create harmonious and healthy corporate “home” cultural atmosphere. The “Cultural Corridor” includes honor wall, theme wall, history wall, culture wall, propaganda wall, and is mainly distributed on 1F, 5F and 6F of JuneYao Airlines Office Building.