JuneYao Group Was Awarded “Outstanding Enterprise Prize” in China CSR Ranking
ReleaseDate: 2013-01-11

The Fifth Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking in China (CSR), an activity sponsored by Chinese Business News (CBN), was unveiled in Shanghai on December 14. With its superior performance in overall assessment covering five aspects of “performance of harmonious relation, performance of staff care, performance of environment responsibility, performance of social public welfare, and performance of economic responsibility”, JuneYao Group was awarded “Outstanding Enterprise Prize” in the ranking.

Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin collected the prize, and promised solemnly: JuneYao Group will adhere to the concept of “JuneYao is ours, and it belongs to the society”, develop century enterprise in a sustainable way, and perform social responsibility continually.

Wang Junjin said enterprise is a cell of the society, if JuneYao Group wants to become a beneficial cell to promote social development, it must first ensure healthy and stable self development, provide job opportunities, and pay taxes; secondly, it must create valuable products for the society; thirdly, JuneYao Group will continue to guarantee investment in education, in order to drive forward social progress.

Under the theme “Kind Businesses Benefit the World”, the Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking in China (CSR) 2012 activity assembles all social circles to advocate harmonious business way of “sharing value”. It has been learned that this activity spanned more than 5 months, and passed stages of signup, survey, enterprise interview, expert review, and review by organizing committee, in the end 20 enterprises were awarded outstanding enterprise prize, 19 enterprises were awarded outstanding practice prize.

 Wang Junjin (right) receives “Outstanding Enterprise Award”