Commercial Mansion Group Continually Improves Competitiveness
ReleaseDate: 2013-02-04

At the recently held Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group’s Economic Work Conference for 2013, a slogan with the wording “Unite as one, remain cool-headed, overcome difficulties, and stick to the development of three major business units; consolidate belief, refine management, focus on highlights, and fully improve enterprise competitiveness” was posted at the entrance conspicuously, which reflected all employees’ confidence to stay united to improve team execution ability, and consolidate belief to bring new enterprise growth.

Wuxi market is an epitome of the national market. Against the current background of fierce competition in the general merchandise retailing business sector, the Grand Orient under the Commercial Mansion Group is facing development bottleneck and competition pressure from different sources. Pan Xiaoyan, Chairman of Grand Orient Co., Ltd, pointed out that everyone must consolidate belief, strengthen cohesion, grasp opportunities, march forward, in order to transform crisis and challenge into the chance to activate another round of innovative development.

She pointed out that in 2013 it is necessary to further refine work in all business units, continually improve competitiveness, strengthen internal control, extend the meaning of corporate culture, and effectively improve cohesion.

Photo: Employee delegates raised hands to pass the meeting resolution.