Grasp the Opportunity, and Seek Growth through Real Efforts
ReleaseDate: 2013-02-04

On January 18, JuneYao Group Annual Work Meeting was held ceremoniously in the conference room of Shanghai JuneYao Airlines Office Building. Four business units of JuneYao Airlines, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group, World Foreign Language Middle School and Primary School respectively reported their work progress in 2012 and 2013. The Annual Meeting was presided over by Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee and Vice President Chen Li, with President Wang Junhao giving an address and Chairman Wang Junjin delivering the annual work report.

The Meeting disclosed JuneYao Group’s top ten events in 2012, commended 12 outstanding employees and 3 outstanding teams.

At the Meeting, according to reports from 4 business units: JuneYao Airlines steadily pushed forward its business, and fulfilled sales amount of 5 billion yuan; newly added 8 new aircrafts, and its fleet size expanded to 30 aircrafts, with average aircraft service year of only 2 plus years, making it the youngest fleet in China. It opened Shanghai to Bangkok and Phuket flight routes. The flight simulator training center was put into use. Service software improved in synchronized pace, its public reputation continued to rise; the differentiated service features of JuneYao Airlines is becoming more and more clear.

Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group adhered to the long term strategy and competitiveness orientation of “One body two wings”, discovered opportunities in challenge, and sought new breakthroughs in innovation and transition. Throughout the whole year its operating revenue grew by 6.95% on Y-o-Y basis, a total profit of 196 million yuan was fulfilled, which enabled the group to rank among “Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in 2012”, making another breakthrough in its influence.

World Foreign Language School’s globalized education brand continued to improve, and it has set up education development research center with long term effective sustainable mechanism. The foundation for century school has been further consolidated. The second batch of graduates in DP Department of the World Foreign Language Middle School all acquired IBDP diploma with scores higher than global average standard, and more than 60% students were enrolled into world famous universities ranking top 50 worldwide in overall strength. World Foreign Language Primary School aims at cultivating a reserve force of educated and competitive international talents, and progressively develop globalized local courses with World Foreign Language School features.

The Plaza Company recorded steady growth, and successfully fulfilled whole year profit target. JuneYao Dairy’s internal performance and pilot work both met with success; sales of “Werdery” maintained satisfactory results; JuneYao brand was welcomed by the market; the completion and launching of new plant house in the year provided capacity for future development. Yichang JuneYao Jinjiang International Hotel recorded significant increase in occupancy rate; excellent brand effect brought “Top Ten Starred Hotel in Yichang” title to the Hotel. Wuhan Real Estate Phase III upgrading plan has been granted approval, there is vast room for future development. Other investment businesses all received relatively satisfactory returns.

President Wang Junhao gave an address named “Treating customers as family members”. According to his speech, building “Century Enterprise” requires long term strategic thinking to consider the enterprise’s yesterday, today and tomorrow; consider how to improve core competitiveness through building corporate culture, consider how to build globalized century enterprise in modern service industry with “five highs”——high caliber talents, high quality services, mid to high end positioning, hi-tech operation, and high performance return, and consider how to become explorer of “Century Enterprise” among Chinese private enterprises, establish the service target of treating customers as family members, study the phenomena of nature in order to acquire knowledge, establish learning oriented organization, enterprises and employees should grow in learning, and properly develop modern service industry in the process of growing up.

Chairman Wang Junjin delivered annual work report. In 2012, JuneYao Group adhered to modern service industry as orientation, firmly persisted in business transition, strengthened control, straightened out structure, improved efficiency, the company’s brand image was further enhanced. The Group fulfilled annual sales of about 14.8 billion yuan, up by 12% on Y-o-Y basis. Throughout the whole year the Group paid more taxes, and provided more jobs. In this year, JuneYao Group collected short-term financing bill registration certificate with a total amount of RMB 1.5 billion yuan from the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, which laid down foundation for better future performance in the capital market.

After analyzing domestic and overseas economic situations and commented on work performance of each business unit, Wang Junjin pointed out that JuneYao Group must always focus on the “Century Enterprise” strategic target, continually and sustainably consolidate foundation, solidly develop main businesses, optimize management, and improve efficiency. He emphasized that in 2013 the company is still in the period of strategic opportunity. There are many growth factors, so as a Chinese enterprise, the we are lucky and must develop internal strength, develop good models, grasp the opportunities, ensure systematic execution, seek growth through real efforts; meanwhile, it is necessary to improve happiness index, increase employee cohesion, further deepen “family” culture construction, and implement cultural system of fair performance. Every company executive must teach by personal example, and play a leading role in making real efforts, establish exemplary “morality”, “performance” and “language”, and become a “four satisfactions” enterprise with customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction and society satisfaction.

Group Vice President Xu Biao, Yong Yongshi, Dong Lijia, Special Advisor Guo Youhu, and Executive Vice Chairman of World Foreign Language Primary School Wang Xiaoping attended the Meeting; senior executives and executives of functional departments of the Group’s business units, schoolmasters, some businesses’ senior managers and outstanding employee representatives totaling more than 100 persons attended the Meeting.