Ensure All Employees to Share Fruits of Enterprise Development
ReleaseDate: 2013-02-04

On January 19, the First Session of the First Workers’ Congress of JuneYao Group and JuneYao Airlines (the “Workers’ Congress”) was held at JuneYao Airlines Auditorium ceremoniously, over 200 employee delegates attended the meeting. The meeting discussed, reviewed and passed “JuneYao Group Administrative Work Report for 2012” which was delivered by Group President Wang Junhao on behalf of the Board of Directors; signed 2013-2014 JuneYao Group collective contract and female worker rights protection special collective contract; signed 2013-2014 JuneYao Airlines collective contract and female worker rights protection special collective contract.

Chairman of the Group’s trade union Gu Zengguang presided over the meeting, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Social Affairs Committee (CPC) and Chairman of social system trade union Yuan Jianguo, Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin, Secretary of JuneYao Group’s Party Committee Chen Li attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

The meeting opened amid the chorus of solemn national anthem by all the delegates. Entrusted by the Board of Directors, President of the Group Wang Junhao delivered work report to the meeting, he mainly reported the Group’s administrative work in 2012, meanwhile he briefly reviewed key work points since enterprise transition. In his report, he pointed out that in 2012, JuneYao Group pioneered innovation in adjustment and development, grew up in transition exploration, adhered to the orientation of modern service industry, straightened out industrial structure, strengthened and expanded main businesses, broadened sources of income and reduced expenditure, continually improved enterprise core competitiveness, sought progress in steady growth, and recorded whole year business income of 14.8 billion yuan, up by 12% on Y-o-Y basis; thus, the enterprise’s overall strength scaled new height. The report also summarized experience and lessens since the enterprise transition, put forward several milestones for 2013 and for making new breakthroughs by the Group to continue transition and development, called for all employees to develop “master” spirit to participating in enterprise production and operation management, devote to the Group’s construction of “Century Enterprise” in the globalized modern service industry, strive to develop the Group into an enterprise with “four satisfactions” (customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, and public satisfaction)!

Zhu Hongyan, Deputy Chairman of the Group’s Trade Union and General Manager of JuneYao Airlines’ Party and Mass Affairs Department, entrusted by the Group and JuneYao Airlines’ Party Leadership Committee and the Trade Union, delivered “Explanations on Draft Contents of JuneYao Group and JuneYao Airlines Collective Contract and Female Worker Rights Protection Special Collective Contract and Consultation Details” to the meeting. Group Chairman Wang Junjin, acting on behalf of the Group’s administration department, Chairman of the Group’s Trade Union Gu Zengguang, acting on behalf of the Trade Union side, respectively signed “JuneYao Group Collective Contract and Female Worker Rights Protection Special Contract for 2013—2014”; meanwhile, President of JuneYao Airlines Zhao Hongliang, acting on behalf of JuneYao Airlines’ Administration Department, and Chairman of JuneYao Airlines Trade Union Jia Zhenxiu, acting on behalf of the trade union side, respectively signed “JuneYao Airlines collective Contract and Female Worker Rights Protection Special Contract for 2013—2014”.

In his speech, Yuan Jianguo, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Social Affairs Committee (CPC), said that the execution of the first workers congress system of JuneYao Group and JuneYao Airlines marked a concrete action to implement the spirit of the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC, and implemented workers congress system. The enterprise needs to stick to the guideline of whole-heartedly depending on employees, unite very employees, fully bring out employees’ role of main force; strengthen grassroots democratic political construction, improve democratic management system of opening up general affairs catering to modern enterprise systems, effectively safeguard employees’ democratic rights. Insist on regarding properly practicing, safekeeping, and developing employees’ rights and interests as starting points, the management shall work vigorously to resolve most cared, most immediate, and most realistic problems for employees, and ensure employees to be able to share the fruits of enterprise reform and development.

In his speech, Chairman of the Group Wang Junjin pointed out that today the Group established workers congress, which is a measure to implement the cultural connotation of “master” spirit. For the enterprise to achieve sustainable development and become century enterprise, the core factor is to focus on human needs, mobilize the initiative of all employees, and the enterprise needs to pay attention to human care on top of developing contract relation with employees. In the enterprise’s planning of its overall long-term development and short-term target, it must ensure employee knowledge and participation, in this way there will be more cooperation. This is because no one will work blindly if everyone contributes participation and shares the knowledge, everyone will develop confidence. When employees participate in the enterprise’s development planning, and contribute advices and suggestions on how to improve enterprise competitiveness and improve efficiency, the enterprise will have better development, therefore workers’ congress is a good thing and it holds significant meaning for the future.

In his speech, Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee Chen Li pointed out: “This morning it took us not very long to accomplish a historical action, we have prepared for this meeting for more than one year, yet its impact is long lasting, and it will definitely add a glorious page to the history of our Century Enterprise; our meeting seems very brief, but its meaning will become more obvious with the passage of time.” Meanwhile, he also pointed out that good employees could only be found in good enterprise, and good enterprise could only be brought with good service.

Photo: (From left) Gu Zengguang, Chen Li, Yuan Jianguo, Wang Junjin, Zhao Hongliang, Jia Zhenxiu on the rostrum.