Wang Junjin elected as delegate of the 12th NPC
ReleaseDate: 2013-03-11

For the third plenary meeting of the First Meeting of the 14th Shanghai People’s Congress held on January 31, Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin was elected delegate of the 12th NPC.

On February 27, the 31st meeting of the 11th NPC Standing Committee voted to pass the review report of the Delegate Eligibility Review Committee of the NPC Standing Committee on delegate eligibility for the 12th NPC, which confirmed the eligibility of 2,987 delegates of the 12th NPC delegates were all valid, including 59 Shanghai delegates.

Wang Junjin was elected as a delegate of the 11th CPPCC in 2008, during the 5 years since then, he has submitted nearly 20 proposals including “Proposal on changing concept, and intensifying effort to drive forward reform”, “Suggestion on scientifically distributing aviation space resource to increase flight punctual arrival rate and facilitate public travel”, “Reduce tax burden, improve civil aviation competitiveness and vigorously develop China’s aircraft leasing industry, build a country with developed civil aviation”, and “Suggestion on expanding public participation in the World Expo”.

On March 2, Wang Junjin accompanied the Shanghai Delegation and left for Beijing to attend the “two sessions”.