Spring Festival travel season is not over yet, and services are continuing
ReleaseDate: 2013-03-11

During the Spring Festival long holiday period from February 9 till 15, JuneYao Airlines finished a total of 2,530 hours of flight workload, operated 939 flights, offered seats to 147,395 persons, carried 123,200 passengers, and its occupancy rate reached 83.58%.

The Spring Festival Travel Season of 2013 starts from January 26 and ends on March 6, totaling 40 days. Executives of JuneYao Airlines highlighted its importance, made advance arrangements, and requested officers at all levels to set up example, stick to post, go to frontline during the Spring Festival travel season, and arranged related emergency pre-plan, strictly executed 24 hour duty system; all staff members performed their respective duties and cooperated with each other, went all out to fulfill the task put forward by the Civil Aviation Administration of China to ensure a “safe, smooth, convenient, and stable” Spring Festival travel season.

JuneYao Airlines’ passenger flow in this year’s Spring Festival travel season mainly consisted of tourist passengers who were concentrated on Harbin, Urumqi, Xiamen, Zhuhai, Haikou, Sanya, and Guiyang. On the newly opened Bangkok and Phuket flight routes, JuneYao Airlines optimized the takeoff and touchdown time of some flights, in order to ensure smooth travel experience for passengers.

Meanwhile, to welcome the Spring Festival holiday period, JuneYao Airlines painstakingly planned and carried out various activities with special features, such as “Spring Outing, Gift of Spring” discounted flight ticket, “Shanghai Style Spring Festival, Joy at JuneYao Airlines”, and “Deliver New Year Greetings, Welcome the God of Wealth” , all of which created a refreshing traditional Chinese holiday atmosphere.

During the period, there also emerged some good deeds among JuneYao Airlines employees. The Flight Department ensured rational optimization in resource utilization, rationally arranged flight team combinations; flight officers ensured to “lead the team in flight and backup”, and pilots obeyed rules to implement safe flight concept; employees of the Repair Engineering Department stuck to the post, made early preparations, and promptly removed ice to guarantee aircraft safety; employees of the Cabin Department actively cooperated with the company’s temporary flight tasks, and went all out to guarantee premium services for Spring Festival travel season flights; employees of the Business Department actively responded to sudden flight changes, gave consideration to passenger needs, and voluntarily communicated with passengers to ensure smooth travel experience; the employees of Ground Service Department insisted on giving meticulous and attentive explanations and services despite passenger complaint after flight delay.

The Spring Festival travel season is not over yet; JuneYao Airlines’ passion for safeguarding Spring Festival travel season and serving the Spring Festival travel season is continuing, and it will continue to do its best with honest and responsible attitude to ensure safe, high-quality, and successful completion of service tasks for the Spring Festival travel season.

Photo: JuneYao Airlines and passengers together welcomed the God of Wealth.