Implement the spirit of the Two Sessions, put forward advice on enterprise development
ReleaseDate: 2013-04-10

On the afternoon of March 26, JuneYao Group convened special study meeting at JuneYao Airlines’ conference room, and invited NPC delegate Wang Junjin to convey the important spirit of this year’s “Two Sessions”, and describe his participation in and discussion of state affairs in his duty performance. More than 60 cadres above mid level attended the study meeting; Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee Chen Li presided over the meeting.

“As an NPC delegate from Shanghai, I cannot express opinions on behalf of private enterprises alone, rather I should participate in state affairs on behalf of this area, to put forward our advices and suggestions on politics, economy, legislative affairs, people’s livelihood, and especially the creation of fair environment.”, Wang Junjin said.

He said that the one core agenda of the “Two Sessions” is to review government work report, and implement contents in the “18th Party Congress” spirit, namely deepen reform and promote fairness by revolving around “taking economic construction as the central task”. Running the party strictly and combating corruption are the main theme, streamlining administration and delegating power are the general trend; the task for Shanghai in transition development is both arduous and honorable, the development of private economy will face great opportunities.

Wang Junjin said that he is confident to be able to grasp a new round of opportunities for innovative development; Premier Li Keqiang pointed out “doing is better than saying”, the development of private economy will meet more opportunities; it is a general trend for the government to change its function and relax approval, clarify the Group’s “what we should do” in the “13th Five Year” Period to take advantage of the policy relaxation, further stimulate development momentum and innovation ability, mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm and passion, and transform them into energy for sustainable development of the enterprise.

He also mentioned that the policy relaxation of airline company is a general trend, JuneYao Airlines must make continual progress, must think and expand in combination with self development, “in the future, so long as we have our own resources, there is no limit in aircraft introduction, if you have the ability, you can develop at a pace you wish, if you have no ability, your aircrafts can only stay idle”, he also pointed out that JuneYao Airlines must consider the expansion of the base, in the future it may expand its bases to cities like Chengdu, or Beijing.

General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the “China dream”, everyone must have a dream, following by opportunities, endeavor and finally fulfillment——there must be dream, opportunity, and endeavor. Judging from the perspective of social efficiency, the development of private economy will further reflect social benefits; therefore, there will be endless opportunities for future development of JuneYao Airlines. Meanwhile, Wang Junjin hoped each employee to cherish dream, he has drafted a mid to long term incentive model for JuneYao Airlines, and introduced dividend sharing program to mobilize everyone’s initiative, “there will be dividend so long as there is profit, we shall promote a fair mechanism characterized by more earning for more work, and more earning for more contribution, which is also the implementation of the spirit of the ‘18th Party Congress’ and the ‘Two Sessions’; we must fulfill the target of multiplying staff income, especially for grassroots employees”.

After listening to Wang Junjin’s communication of the spirit of the “Two Sessions”, the attendees actively expressed their views, by making reference to economic and social hot issues and enterprise actual conditions, they held dialogues with Wang Junjin, and put forward suggestions for enterprise development.

Over 60 cadres above mid level attended the meeting to study the “Two Sessions” spirit.