JuneYao Group joined hands with Fosun Foundation and other foundations to deliver aid to Ya An
ReleaseDate: 2013-05-17

At 8: 02, April 20, a 7 degree earthquake on the Richter scale hit Ya An in Sichuan. Disaster relief brooked no delay, JuneYao Group immediately offered a helping hand for disaster relief by taking advantage of its strengths based on industry features.

The Group actively collected drugs, tents, hoisting jacks and materials which were needed for disaster relief; JuneYao Airlines, a subordinate of JuneYao Group, immediately kicked off post-disaster aviation transport emergency pre-plan. The Group urgently purchased 125 hoisting jacks (3.5 tonnes), along with 527 pieces of anti-inflammatory drugs (5.5 tonnes) and 160 tents (6.1 tonnes) entrusted by “Fosun Foundation”, and over 2000 pieces of children cotton padded coats (0.5 tonnes) entrusted by the Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation and 127 hoisting jacks (2.4 tonnes) donated by some enterprises, totaling 18 tonnes of disaster relief materials were shipped to Chengdu and Chongqing by JuneYao Airlines flights. The arrived disaster relief materials were handed over to Chengdu Red Cross Society and Ya An Civil Affairs Bureau at the earliest possible time.

Furthermore, the Group’s subordinate JuneYao Dairy also worked overtime to increase production, and organized dairy products valued more than 2 million yuan for delivery to the disaster zone. At the same time of emergent shipping of disaster relief materials, JuneYao Group convened a Board of Directors meeting, and decided to donate an extra 3 million yuan in cash for the reconstruction of the disaster zone.

At 9: 09 April 20, only one hour after the earthquake, President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao posted a message on his weibo “Just now I heard from radio: A 7 degree earthquake hit Ya An in Sichuan after 8 o’clock, mobile phone signals are poor, let’s pray for safety, materials are needed urgently, JuneYao Airlines can deliver goods free of charge".

While posting the weibo message, based on experience it learned from the “Wenchuan Earthquake” rescue work, JuneYao Group immediately organized personnel to purchase hoisting jacks, and contacted the Group’s subordinate JuneYao Airlines to clean up aircraft cargo hold, so as to make preparations for shipping. Meanwhile, it organized free shipping of anti-inflammatory drugs urgently needed by disaster relief from “Fosun Foundation” free of charge. Owing to temporary close-down of Chengdu Airport, the flight of JuneYao Airlines to deliver the first batch of disaster relief materials was changed to Shanghai Pudong to Chongqing flight.

At 19:27 p.m. in the evening of April 20, Flight HO1247 carrying 4.2 tonnes of disaster relief articles took off from Shanghai, and successfully arrived at Chongqing Jiangbei Airport at 21:56 p.m. Employees of Forte Chongqing under Fosun Group timely shipped this batch of disaster relief materials to Chengdu with trucks, and finally joined force with employees of Fosun Chengdu to deliver the materials to Chengdu Red Cross Society at 8:00 in the morning of April 21, the local Red Cross Society arranged to forward the materials to the disaster rescue site.

It has been learned that, since April 21, daily flights of JuneYao Airlines to Chengdu and Chongqing gave priority to shipping disaster relief materials, intending to contribute its meager share in the aid for the disaster zone. In order to ensure flight safety and punctual arrival, and guarantee smooth transport of disaster relief materials, JuneYao Airlines made timely adjustment to its carrying capacity by reducing its original cargo load, so as to reserve sufficient cargo hold for disaster relief materials. As an urgent measure, it arranged relevant personnel of Chongqing Office and Chengdu Office to switch to 24 hour standby status, release the cargo immediately after flight arrival, and ensure the relief materials to be delivered to the disaster zone at the earliest possible time.

In the following days, JuneYao Airlines’ daily flights to Chengdu and Chongqing continued to transport hoisting jacks. medicine, tents, food and other relief materials badly needed by the disaster zone which were collected by Fosun Foundation, Jet Li One Foundation, Chinese Federation for Corporate Social Responsibility to the disaster zone free of charge.