JuneYao Airlines and World Foreign Language Middle School were awarded “Shanghai Model Unit”
ReleaseDate: 2013-06-03

In May, JuneYao Airlines and World Foreign Language Middle School under JuneYao Group were both awarded “Shanghai Model Unit” title.

At the Xuhui District Spiritual Civilization Construction Conference for 2013 & Promotion Meeting for Creating National Civilized Urban District Work held in the afternoon of May 2, World Foreign Language Middle School was awarded “Shanghai Model Unit for 2011-2012” title. It has been learned that only 28 schools in the district’s education sector were awarded this honor.

According to industry insiders, the selection was based on 6 basic indicators including school climate, cultural construction, faculty quality, public evaluation, and professional standard, as well as 4 special indicators that can reflect features of model unit creation work as assessment criteria, and was finally completed after assessment and appraisal by specialized departments, discussion and evaluation by grassroots mass, and supervision of public opinion. The fact that World Foreign Language Middle School was awarded this title reflects the school’s excellent campus culture of “Voluntariness, responsibility, solidarity, and endeavor”, as well as the superior teaching concepts of “active participation, diligent practice, positive cooperation, and boldness for innovation”.

Furthermore, at the Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Construction Work Conference held on May 20, JuneYao Airlines was also awarded “Shanghai Model Unit for 2011—2012” honorable title. This marked the second time that JuneYao Airlines was awarded such honorable title, signaling that JuneYao Airlines has become a key unit for practicing socialist core value system construction.

JuneYao Airlines always diligently implements important instructions and requirements on spiritual civilization construction from the CPC Central Committee, CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and JuneYao Group, as a result it has earned “two consecutive champions” in creating municipal level model unit. This time, JuneYao Airlines was again awarded this title, which greatly mobilized the work enthusiasm of all officials, party members, and employees.

JuneYao Airlines indicated that it would further diligently implement all requirements on spiritual civilization work from superior departments, continually make exploration and innovation, in order to make new progress in the construction of spiritual civilization and material civilization.