9 Members Were Elected to the New Trade Union Committee
ReleaseDate: 2013-06-03

On May 17, the Third Congress of Shanghai JuneYao (Group) Co., Ltd Trade Union was held ceremoniously at the 32F Conference Room in JuneYao International Plaza, 37 formal delegates attended the Congress. The Congress reviewed and passed the work report entitled “Serve the Overall Situation, Gather Cohesion, Create Harmony, Strive to Create New Pattern in JuneYao Group’s Trade Union Work” delivered by Chairman of the Group’s Second Trade Union Committee Gu Zengguang, passed the “Resolution of Shanghai JuneYao (Group) Co., Ltd Trade Union Third Member Congress (Draft)”, and elected JuneYao Group’s Third Trade Union Committee, 9 candidates including Gu Zengguang and Jia Zhenxiu were elected members of the Group’s new Trade Union Committee.

Jia Zhenxiu, Chairman of JuneYao Airlines Trade Union, presided over the Congress, Yuan Jianguo, Deputy Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Social Work Party Committee, Chairman of Social Sector Trade Union, President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao, Party Secretary of JuneYao Group Chen Li attended the Congress and delivered important speeches.

The Congress opened amid solemn chorus of the national anthem by all the delegates. Gu Zengguang delivered work report to the Congress on behalf of the Group’s Second Trade Union Committee. He briefly reviewed some of the key tasks completed by the Group’s Second Trade Union Committee in the Group’s transition development, cohesion concentration, creation of harmonious labor relation, enlivening of staff cultural and sport life, and strengthening of Trade Union organization’s self construction since its foundation in September 2007, earnestly analyzed inadequacies and defects in work, and offered advices and suggestions for subsequent work by the new Trade Union Committee.

After the election formally began, 11 candidates each gave a 2-minute long election speech, which was followed by secret ballot by 37 formal delegates. After election, 9 candidates including Gu Zengguang, Jia Zhenxiu, Shao Qiong, Yin Qian, Zhu Hongyan, Liang Longyu, Wang Hua, Xu Jianjun, Wang Jianping were elected members of the Group’s Third Trade Union Committee.

Yin Qian, Deputy Director of the Group’s Finance Department, expressed appreciation for the trust and encouragement from delegated on behalf of the newly elected committee members, and indicated to the Congress that the newly elected Trade Union members would fully bring out the function of Trade Union organization, do more practical and good things for employees, gather cohesion, in order to create new glory in the Trade Union work.

Yuan Jianguo, Deputy Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Social Work Party Committee, and Chairman of Social Sector Trade Union, attended the Congress, he put forward requirements for the New Trade Union leadership group, firstly, under the guidance of implementing the spirit of the 18th CPC Party Congress, extensively mobilize employees’ initiative and creativity in the development process, ensure proper construction of study-oriented, skill-oriented, efficiency-oriented, management-oriented, innovation-oriented, and harmony-oriented “Six Good” team; secondly, be adept at using legal thinking and legal method, coordinate all forces, highlight cultural effect, strive to create harmonious labor relation, create an enterprise labor atmosphere that “respects labor value, advocates harmonious co-existence”; thirdly, be adept at studying new situations, and innovating on work approaches and methods, strive to build Trade Union into a “staff home” that are welcomed and trusted by common employees.

President of the Group Wang Junhao said that the core of the Trade Union work is to implement corporate mission in our behavior habits and daily work, enable staff to enjoy better welfare, closely unite employees, and promote the enterprise to accomplish better and faster development, in order to truly fulfill “Four Satisfactions” for customers, employees, shareholders, and the society. Meanwhile, he put forward “Five High” requirements for Trade Union work, namely high caliber talents, high quality service, mid to high positioning, usage of hi-tech and high efficiency in return.

Chen Li, Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee, said that in the recent years the Trade Union’s institutionalization construction has moved onto normal track, Trade Union’s function as a service-oriented organization has demonstrated its own features. He pointed out that the Trade Union’s work is “self assistance” and “assist others”, properly build up Trade Union organization, continually improve procedures and regulations, better bring out Trade Union functions, and gather staff cohesion. He emphasized that assisting others not merely means helping all employees, it is also necessary to assist the enterprise, help enterprise’s harmonious development, and bring more human-oriented staff working environment, only in this way can we effectively fulfill the “Four Satisfactions”.

After the Congress was over, Chen Li also presided over the first plenary member session of JuneYao Group’s Third Trade Union Committee, and made detailed division of duty and deployment for all members. After voting, Gu Zengguang was elected Chairman of the new Trade Union, Jia Zhengxiu was elected Vice Chairman of the Trade Union.

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