Juneyao Group Convened Commendation Meeting in Commemoration of the 92nd Anniversary of CPC, initiated the Service-oriented Party Branch Activity
ReleaseDate: 2013-07-04

On the morning of June 24, the “Gathering Strength, mobilizing cohesion, blazing new trail” JuneYao Group commendation party in commemoration of the 92nd anniversary of the founding of CPC was held ceremoniously at the 32F conference room of JuneYao International Plaza, 8 JuneYao Group Striving for Excellence “Five Good” party branches were awarded commendation. The meeting held launching ceremony for JuneYao Group’s Creating Service-oriented Party Branch Activity, Xu Ruixun, Deputy Division Chief of the HR Division of Shanghai Social Affairs Committee, Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin, and Secretary of JuneYao Group’s Party Committee Chen Li launched the crystal ball for the ceremony.

The meeting was presided over by Gu Zengguang, Deputy Secretary of JuneYao Group’s Party Committee. All officers of the Group’s Party Committee and all directly subordinate units’ party committees and discipline inspection committees, party members, activist representatives, non-party member senior executives, and members of democratic parties totaling 65 persons attended the meeting.

At the meeting, 8 JuneYao Group Striving for Excellence “Five Good” party branches including Group Headquarters Party Branch, Cabin/Quality Department Party Branch, Catering Department Party Branch, Repair Engineering Department Pudong Party Branch, Business Department Party Branch, Flight Department First Branch, Security/Safety Supervision/Transport Operation Standard Department General Party Branch, Administration Department Chairman Secretary Office Party Branch, were awarded commendation, they are the top performers in JuneYao Group’s “Striving for Excellence” activity year in 2012.

In the Group’s “Striving for Excellence” activity in 2012, all grassroots CPC party branches closely adhered to enterprise’s realistic situation, focused on “branch becoming model unit, and party member striving for excellence”, and adopted “Gathering mass cohesion, promoting development, benefiting the mass” as main contents, the branch’s execution ability, cohesion, and combat effectiveness experienced significant improvement. The Group’s 28 direct subordinate party branches adopted project setup method to effectively drive forward the progress of key work tasks, and received remarkable results.

This year, Creating Service-oriented Party Branch is a key project in JuneYao’s party building work throughout the year. The Group’s party committee required all branches to adopt “Serving enterprises, serving party members, serving the mass” as target, set up projects by revolving around “service”, focus on developing a batch of advanced party members and branches, bring out exemplary model function, in order to enable the enterprise to assemble “Positive Energy”, all party members should rely on this to gather strength, mobilize cohesion, blaze new trail, and promote harmony.

Chen Li pointed out in his speech that JuneYao’s party building would soon enter its 10th year, all party members must effectively transform two major thinking approaches, firstly, it is necessary to transform the traditional thinking that “Party building depends on the Board of Directors and administrative support” into “Party building supports the Board of Directors and administrative work”, secondly, it is necessary to transform “Administrative work and party building work are two skins” into “Party building work serves administrative work”. He pointed out that Service-oriented Party Branch construction implies to unfold work by surrounding difficulties in business work, highlight the party member’s pioneer model role in service, bring out political core function in the mass, and play political leading role in enterprise.

Xu Ruixun pointed out activities at grassroots level, education for party members, and benefits to the mass constitute one criterion to measure grassroots party building work, JuneYao Group party building work must pay attention to effectiveness, it is essential to strengthen branch secretary’s team building, further improve division of duties, theoretical standard, and coordination ability. She required party committees to explore and properly bring out the methods and ways of “Two functions”, effectively serve the mass, and serve the enterprises, meanwhile strengthen promoting mass building by party building, bring out the bridge role of Trade Union, Youth League, and Women’s Federation.

In his summary speech, Wang Junjin interpreted his understanding of “China Dream”, he pointed out that JuneYao Group put forward the vision of “Century Enterprise” in 2004, this Century Dream is still in progress, the fulfillment of this Century Dream needs thinking approach with century vision, value system with century vision and system innovation with century vision, all these need outstanding CPC members to provide guidance and offer promotion, he hoped every party member to become a dream chaser, and together strive for the fulfillment of the “Century Enterprise” dream.

Photo: Xu Ruixun (left), Wang Junjin (middle), Chen Li (right) together launched JuneYao Group Creating Service-oriented Party Branch Activity.