CAAC Discipline Inspection Team Surveyed JuneYao Airlines
ReleaseDate: 2013-08-06

On July 4, Liang Chaoping, Team Leader of CAAC Discipline Inspection Team, led a delegation of survey and inspection team and visited JuneYao Airlines, listened to JuneYao Airlines’ report on recent operation production and future development plan, and communicated with JuneYao Airlines on safety management, aircraft introduction, and flight route timing resource allocation.

Liang Chaoping pointed out that as important part of the civil aviation industry, private aviation sector holds significant meaning for promoting the development of China’s civil aviation, the Survey Team’s inspection tour aimed to listen to advices, collect info, and would faithfully report the difficulties and actual conditions fed back by JuneYao Airlines to superiors, in order to help JuneYao Airlines achieve better and faster growth.

Zhao Hongliang, President of JuneYao Airlines, said that JuneYao Airlines would, with guidance and assistance from the CAAC, continue to strengthen safe production, implement scientific management and refine services, continually improve operation quality, and actively participate in the construction of developing the nation through civil aviation.

Additional dispatch Zhu Yanwen, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Changning District People’s Congress, led an inspection delegation and visited JuneYao Airlines for subject survey on July 18 , and communicated with executives of JuneYao Airlines over topics such as aircraft introduction, support to international flight routes, basic resource allocation at two airports (land for development guarantee). Zhao Hongliang indicated that JuneYao Airlines would continually improve operation quality, truly take root in Shanghai, and serve the “Four Centers” initiative.