JuneYao Airlines Introduced Its First Brand-new Airbus A321 Aircraft
ReleaseDate: 2013-08-06

On July 2, a brand-new Airbus A321-200 aircraft smoothly landed on the Shanghai Pudong International Airport; bearing a serial number B-9957, this aircraft is the first Airbus A321 aircraft introduced by JuneYao Airlines. It has been learned that JuneYao Airlines also plans to introduce a second A321 aircraft before the end of the year.

JuneYao Airlines’ first A321 aircraft will fly boutique flight routes such as Shanghai Hongqiao to and from Chengdu and Sanya, in the future it will also fly more flights to cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. The introduction of the new aircraft model will play a positive promoting role for JuneYao Airlines to expand flight route network, and increase market share in the mid to short distance aviation market.

As the largest aircraft model among Airbus A320 serial aircrafts, A321-200 can accommodate up to 220 passengers. According to industry insiders, in order to improve passengers’ flight comfort, JuneYao Airlines has increased the room space between seats, and adopted a two-class cabin layout with 190 seats. Furthermore, compared with A320 aircraft, A321 also features widened emergency exit, improved wing flap and undercarriage, and upgraded low speed operation system, which improves the aircraft’s safety.

Recently, JuneYao Airlines also successfully completed disrupted takeoff for emergency evacuation and water landing demonstration verification for the Airbus A321 aircraft model, proving that JuneYao Airlines’ crew members have superior handling ability to cope with any emergency, which lays down solid foundation for safe operation of A321 model aircrafts.