Building Century-old Enterprises Requires Sustainable Development Mechanism
ReleaseDate: 2013-10-22

The online talk show titled “Private Business Entrepreneurs & Chinese Dream: Belief & Value Education Activities for People in Non-Public Economy in Shanghai” was hosted by Shanghai Federation of Industry & Commerce (SFIC) and Eastday on on September 9, 2013.

Against the backdrop of promoting belief and value education among people in the non-public economy nationwide, Mr. Zhao Fuxu, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Party Group of Shanghai Federation of Industry & Commerce (SFIC) said during the show that the non-public economy in Shanghai has made enormous contributions to economic and social development of Shanghai and played a crucial role. The healthy development of the people in non-public economy is critical.

Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group said, the dream of JuneYao Group is to become a “century-old enterprise and the explorer. Only by taking one step after another can you realize your dream.

Some netizens also raised some questions. For example, if one private business wants to last for long, how can it break the spell of “riches not staying for more than three generations"? Mr. Wang said: “First the company must have sustainable development capacity on its operations; Second, it is very important that the rules of the company must be passed on; Third, the employees and shareholders must hold right philosophies and values."