Dare to Be the Leader Dare to Shoulder Responsibility Be Optimistic in Face of Challenges
ReleaseDate: 2013-10-22

On September 26, 2013, the 7-people delegation led by Mr. Zhuang Congsheng, member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce (ACFIC) and Mr. Gao Kaiyuan, member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of ACFIC Shanghai Bureau made an inspection tour to JuneYao Group on practical education programs relating to beliefs and values of people in the non-public sector economy. After hearing the report on the development history and faith and belief education programs of JuneYao Group given by its president Mr. Wang Junjin, Mr. Zhuang spoke highly of the “entrepreneurial spirits of JuneYao Group of daring to become the leader, having a high level of social responsibility and standing ready to face difficulties and challenges with optimism at any time.”

Mr. Wang explained to the inspection team the development progress of the business sectors of JuneYao Group, including aviation, dairy industry, commerce and education, and how they had overcome all difficulties and challenges all along the way. He said: “Our enterprise is small, just like a seed. But if the seed is blown to a place with no soil, there is no chance for its growth. We have thrived on this land of opportunity because we have been blown to Shanghai, China. That’s why we should be grateful. If it weren’t for the opportunities in China, the talk of “building a century-old enterprise" would become empty. If it weren’t for the Opening-up & Reform Program, the private enterprises would have never had the opportunities of development. For private enterprises, we have full confidence for the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, for the party and the government, for the future development of China and for the sustainable development of our company. We feel indebted to the society for all the opportunities it has given to the private enterprises and entrepreneurs. And we should reflect upon ourselves and give back to the society with all gratefulness.

Mr. Wang noted that our century-long exploration effort should be centered on finding a sustainable development path. Everything the company does should promote social progress and create value for the society. That is something meaningful and energising to the society. That is our core idea when we are striving to build a century-old enterprise.

After hearing the report, Mr. Zhuang said he had lots of feelings each time he came to JuneYao Group. JuneYao had three hallmarks of its own. First, the Company always dares to become the pioneer and faces the problems head-on. The Company has overcome too much to get to where it is now. Second, the Company has a high sense of social responsibility and strong aspirations of contributing to the country and society. The love for motherland, nation, people and society is reflected during the entire development process of JuneYao. It passes on positive energy to the society. It is not the kind of enterprise which only goes for profit while paying no attention to responsibility or environment. Third, the Company has an enduring spirit of solving problems

with optimism. All the businesses of JuneYao are its trophies from hard-fought battles, such as aviation and education. Some entrepreneurs have complained too much. They have lots of grudges and criticisms. But if you do things with a positive, inclusive and optimistic attitude, you might be better positioned to get things moving forward, create a harmonious society and benefit the culture of the Chinese nation and the united front of the nation by strengthening unity and promoting inclusiveness.